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Emily’s Beauty Routine


Emily’s Beauty Routine

Reno, Nevada blogger, Emily Farren Wieczorek of Two Peas in a Prada shares all her favorite beauty and skincare items in her Summer Beauty Routine post!

I put my easy summer beauty routine on our stories over the weekend and the questions came ROLLING in. Whenever that happens, I know I have a blog post waiting to happen! That being said, in this post I’m listing everything I am using on my face this summer. From serums, to CC creams, to sunscreen, to lip liner – it is all right here!

All of the items listed in this post are my tried and true favorites right now. You probably have seen me using them over and over again. But you know me, once I find something that works, I very rarely deviate! I have also listed multiple items in multiple price points for many of the products – this way you have some options! Enjoy – and feel free to ask me any questions you may have!

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No matter what – you HAVE to start your day with an SPF. It doesn’t matter if it is summer or winter, you have to wear one. I have a bunch that I love and I have listed them all below. I also am sharing my favorite full body sunscreen that we literally douse our kids in every day before school!

Obagi Matte SPF 50: 

This is a great everyday SPF that my aesthetician recommended. It goes on silky smooth and I specifically use this on my forehead where my melasma is worst.

La Roche Posay SPF & Moisturizer Combo:

This is my favorite budget SPF/Moisturizer combo. It is hydrating, non comedogenic, and it feels great on your skin. This is what my dermatologist recommends.

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen: 

I love this unseen sunscreen – I have been reaching for this one most lately – because of the high SPF and because it doubles as a primer. It goes on silky smooth to the touch, it has a matte finish, and it actually minimizes pores and helps your makeup stay in place.

SuperGoop SPF 50 Pump: 

This is the pump we have by our changing table and we literally slather our kids with this stuff EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I love that it is a pump, it is gentle on their skin, and it is free of any of the harmful stuff you worry about with sunscreens nowadays.

Skin Makeup: 

During the summer I like my skin to be hydrated, fresh and dewey. All of these skin products in my summer beauty routine help me achieve that look!

CC Cream:

This CC cream is my absolute favorite. It has an SPF 50 built in, it goes on light, and with build-able coverage it is the perfect base for my makeup routine. I wear the shade medium. I apply with my fingers or with a damp beauty blender if I want very light coverage. It is super easy to apply and it acts as a moisturizer as well. This is definitely one of my holy grail products! I use the Medium shae.

Shape Tape:

I have come to realize that you either love shape tape, or you hate it. I used to be one of those people that hated it, until I realized that you have to use it with a very damp beauty blender. We have a highlight on our instagram all about how to do this if you are confused. I use the shade – fair. It is the best, most full coverage concealer I have found!

Undereye Color Corrector:

This color corrector is my absolute favorite makeup product of ALL time. It is seriously the most amazing thing in the whole wide world and I don’t know how I ever lived without it! You pat it on, under your eyes, with the shape tape and you blend it in as an undereye concealer. It makes the texture of the shape tape and the coverage better. What’s more – it works as a highlighter and gives you this amazing dewey finish! I use the light color.

Powder Foundation:

This powder foundation gives amazing coverage AND takes away any shine you may have. I LOVE IT! I use the color Light Natural.


This bronzer/highlighter set is amazing. It is very lightweight, not cake-y at all, and the color is universally flattering! Ashley and I both use it, and somehow it works perfectly on both of us! I ALSO LOVE THIS ONE BY GUERLAIN!


Brow Crayon:

My eyebrows are microbladed, but I still need a little bit of filling in here and there. I love this brow pencil – it is the best color and literally takes 30 seconds to use! There is only one color too!


This plum eyeliner (the color is burnt sienna) makes blue and green eyes pop. I was in New York and my makeup artist (who also happens to do Rebecca Minkoff’s makeup – if you are familiar with Rebecca Minkoff – she has the most stunning green eyes) introduced me to this product. It is so dark – it almost looks black – but it really is a dark plum color and it makes ALL the difference!


You can’t go wrong with this eyeshadow palate – it is the perfect mix of neutrals – and there is truly something for everyone!



This lip liner – in the color Pillow Talk – actually allows you to overline your lips for a naturally larger lip line. I just found this product and I am SO obsessed with it. I never really understood the need for lip liner, but now I do!


 I talked about this on stories a while back, but I had searched FAR AND WIDE for the perfect nude lipstick. I finally found this one and I bought 5 in case they ever discontinue it. It has a nice creamy texture, it is THE perfect color, and it really stays put if you need it to. I use the color Beige Tribute.


I wear this gloss every single day and I gift it to everyone I know. It is $3.50, it is the perfect nude color, and it isn’t sticky at all. It is nice and smooth and it looks amazing on. Every time I go to buy them, I buy a ton!

Lip Sleeping Mask: 

I shave my lips with this mask – you can see the whole post HERE – and I try to use it 3x a week to keep my lips nice and smooth!


Brush Set: 

I am not picky about my brushes, maybe I should be more so, but this $18 set of brushes from Amazon has lasted me a year and I am super happy with the quality!

Beauty Blender Set:

This beauty blender set is SO amazing – you get 5 for $9! Amazing!


As you all know, Ashley and I are militant about taking care of our skin. My skin has changed a ton over the past few years. From getting off of birth control, to pregnancy, to postpartum, to adult acne, to getting back on birth control – I mean – you name it, my skin has been through it. That being said, I finally have found a regimen that I LOVE. I was gifted a Tatcha skincare set by the brand about two months ago -and I absolutely fell in love. My skin just reacted SO well to it. I mix in my favorite Colleen Rothschild products – and a couple of my holy grail skincare items – and this is my PERFECT skincare regimen!

Cleansing Oil:

This cleansing oil works to remove makeup, oil and dirt. It is nourishing on the skin, washes away clean, and leaves your skin feeling nice and hydrated.

Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder:

I use this after the oil as my exfoliating step. You place a small pour of the Rice Powder in your hand with a couple of drops of water to form a paste, and then you massage it all over your face. I add a bit more water and it starts to foam and works as my second cleanse. It is a gentle exfoliator and perfect for sensitive skin.

R45 Retinol Program: 

I love this retinol program from Beauty Bio so much. It is so potent that you only have to use it twice a year. What I really love about it is that the strength of the retinol builds over the 45 day program so you never get that dry, flaky, chapped feeling that so many other retinol products will give you. I also love that the system uses a retinol/peptide mix – so you’re getting hydration in addition to the retinol. This system just makes your skin GLOW! If you are in your mid 20s – I cannot explain how important it is to start on a retinol program. Retinol aids in cell turnover and collagen production and helps reduce the appearance of find lines and wrinkles. I have prescription strength retinol from my doctor and I actually hate it because of how harsh it it on my skin. R45 is the answer to all the problems I have with other retinol products.

Colleen Rothschild Mandelic Renewal Serum:

This serum is absolutely a GAME CHANGER. Ashley introduced me  to it – and I will never go back. Mandelic acid is an AHA – Alpha Hydroxy Acid – that is less intense  than say Glycolic Acid, but the premise is the same. The acid/serum chemically exfoliates your skin and leaves you with fresher, softer, and better looking skin. Again- the key is GENTLE. I have very sensitive skin – and this product has helped me SO much!

Tatcha Essence, Renewal Cream, Neck Cream, Eye Cream:

This is the skincare set I am obsessed with. The essence is essentially a plumping/hydrating water/toner. It feels amazing. The renewal cream is a light moisturizing everyday cream. The neck cream is amazing and the skin on my neck already looks less wrinkly. Then the eye cream – it is so light that you can wear it morning and night! I LOVE This set and the best part is that you can buy it now and lock in that $175 for $500 worth of product!

Fresh Beauty Eye Cream: 

This eye cream is simply amazing. If you have very dry under-eyes and need something seriously nourishing and hydrating – this is it. When we met with the Fresh beauty team in New York, they actually told me THE most amazing story about this product. The two founders of the company were in the product development stage and they were traveling abroad in Italy. They were at a monastery and found ancient roman transcripts about a special healing ointment that gladiators used to heal their wounds. This eye cream is based on that formula. How FREAKING COOL is that?

La Mer Cool Gel Cream:

I was gifted this moisturizer and it feels so good to put on after a day in the sun! SUPER lightweight and quick drying moisture!

Oil No 9:

If you are new to face oils – this one is a great place to start. It is moderately priced and makes your skin GLOW!

Vintner’s Daughter:

This oil is pretty much the holy grail of face oils. Celebrities near and far swear by it – and what’s more – the founder is a total doll! It is made from pure botanicals and it evens, brightens, and softens your skin. It is definitely an investment – but it is totally worth it!

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