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How To Get Beach Body Ready in 5 Days

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Today I am going to be giving away some major secrets about how to get your “beach body” ready in 5 days! That sounds impossible, right? Well, these secrets are in fact not secrets at all, but the methods that work for me! Disclaimer: I want to maintain my stance on body positivity and typically hate the word “beach body” and all the pressure that comes with it — but there are small things we can do to be more healthy,  & to help us look and feel more beautiful!


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Some of you may know that I was in Vegas two weeks ago. I touched on my latest body image issues in this post — and I am still holding strong on trying to love my body more and not utter the dreaded “F-word.” That being said, I knew that while I was in Vegas I would be drinking and eating — but I had a huge swim campaign to shoot the following Friday. So after eating everything at the Cosmo: Eggslut, Secret Pizza and Beauty and Essex I only had 5 days to get ready for my shoot.

Can you transform your body in 5 days? No. Can you debloat it so that you look decent in photos? You bet!

So here are my secrets:

I took a page out of Skinny Confidential’s blog and traded in my coffee for her Detox Drink. It’s super easy to make, and I actually love the taste. Every morning I drank the following concoction: a handful of mint leaves, half a lemon, 2-3 TBSP of apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper & turmeric. I make it in a huge tumbler, and keep refilling it throughout the day. It seriously works!!

The day after I got back, I decided to skip Barry’s and go for a walk instead. Sometimes lifting weights right after a rough weekend, can make your body look more swollen. So on Monday afternoon I went for a long walk — I ended up walking 10 miles that day. I felt so great on Tuesday! So walk everywhere you can! I am still loyal to my Fitbit, and haven’t worn a watch since!

I took Barry’s classes on Tuesday & Wednesday as usual. Thursday night before the shoot, I just rested and made sure to get a really good night sleep.

Bodyfit. You can only do so much in the gym — genetics are genetics. This new product from Clarins takes care of those annoying things you can’t fix. It’s the product I never knew I needed. This new and advanced cream-gel formula helps visibly reduce that stubborn cellulite that just will not go away no matter how many stair-climbers you do. Skin looks firmer, smoother and more lifted in just a few weeks – what could be better?

Be sure to stay tuned for the swim post! It will be debuting on Sunday night. I can’t wait to show you guys!!

Thank you to Clarins for sponsoring this post.


beach body

beach body

beach body
beach body

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