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Gift Guide For Babies – 0-12 Months

Since we are in the thick of the baby stage in our house right now – and I know many of you are too – these are my favorite items for babies ages 0-12 months. I have a gift guide for moms and one for toddlers coming too… so don’t worry… we have more coming! I hope this is helpful, and your baby loves the items we’ve picked!

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Bows: We love these bows at our house. The are super soft and stretchy and I love that they let everyone around us know that Caroline is a girl.

THE BEST diaper balm: This is – hands down – the best diaper balm on the market for diaper rash. My kids very rarely get it, but when they do, this takes care of it in one day, and that is why it made the Gift Guide for Babies list. It is totally worth the price.

Kickee Pants Onesies: These onesies are the softest ones out there, they have little grippers on the feet, and recently they switched over to ZIPPERS! Praise!!! Such a great gift for any baby on your list! Also the girls’ onesies have the cutest little ruffles on the butts!

Little Remedies Gas Drops: As you all know, I swear by these gas drops. If you don’t know… now you know. You should always have them on hand.

Fleece Onsies: We recently had an appointment with a sleep therapist for Caroline and she stressed the importance of ensuring she is warm enough at night. These onesies are made of the softest fleece – and at just $8 each it is easy to see why they made the Gift Guide for Babies list.

Kale Teether: Caroline is obsessed with this and I’m hoping that she becomes obsessed with greens as well – through osmosis?

Foam Mat: I love these foam mats. They make tummy time so much more enjoyable at our house. My boys love laying on ours with Caroline while she’s doing tummy time.

Sleep Sacks: We’ve been using these for our kids since William was born – and they all love them. I love that they keep my kids warm and I don’t have to worry about blankets in their cribs.

Teething Mitten:  Caroline is teething and scratching herself big time so these mittens are my dream come true. They’re like the best baby two in one out there!

Teething Ring: Caroline is obsessed with this! She can hold onto it super easily!

North Face Winter Suit: This is what all my kids have worn on winter walks. They are so warm and cuddly.

Bassinet: IMO this is one of the prettiest bassinets out there. I love the simple, modern design… and what’s more… I love how easily I can transport it around my house.

Activity CenterThis activity center is perfect to keep 5mo on babies busy

Teething Spoons:  Love these for teething as well!

Snoozy Pod: As many of you know, we are slowly transitioning Caroline to her crib during the day, and the Halo Snoozy Pod has been a Godsend. It fits securely under the crib mattress and gently vibrates to soothe  your baby. It also plays white noise and emits a beautiful ambient light to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep better.

Tummy Time Center: My fault totally, but Caroline hates tummy time. I am buying this for her – 100% – in the hopes that it will help the time pass faster.

Velcro Booties: All of my kids have hated shoes until they were at least 1. These velcro booties keep their feet warm – and because they velcro around their ankles, they actually stay on.

Baby Gym: We use this EVERY. Single. Day. on top of her foam mat!

Crinkle Paper/Crinkle Books: Babies love the sound of these!


Reno Nevada blogger, Emily Farren Wieczorek shares her favorite baby items in her Gift Guide for Babies list

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