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Grey vs. Gray: The Ultimate Debate

grey vs gray

Shout out to all of you who engaged in my pretty ridiculous, but also very real, debate on how to spell gray. Or grey. I  may or may not have been completely sober when I posed the question to you all. But, the results were fascinating.

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I love a good monochrome look. I haven’t bought a pair of “designer” jeans since the anniversary sale last year, but I knew I wanted a frayed hem and thought getting a gray pair would be something different. I love how stretchy and flattering these ones are!

I can’t believe I am wearing the same sweater two days in a row on the blog. BUT, it’s for a very good reason. This sweater is seriously the comfiest thing ever. It has been on serious repeat — I wear it to work, running errands, out to dinner, you name it. It’s under $50 and comes in this gray, and also a blush color.

As for the answer to grey vs. gray — well I couldn’t find anything concrete. I think “grey” is very British; I do think it looks prettier. I have just always said “gray.” Maybe I will change — only time can tell.

grey vs. gray grey vs. gray grey vs. gray grey vs. gray grey vs. gray grey vs. gray
grey vs. gray grey vs. gray





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