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Happily Registered with Bed Bath & Beyond

Thank you so much to Bed Bath & Beyond for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Wedding planning can be hectic, I’m not even going to sugarcoat it. It’s not that the tasks are overwhelming themselves, but there are just SO many tasks. We put off registering for a long time, because we thought we had everything. Our housing seems very temporary, and I just didn’t want a bunch of brand new stuff in a house that I don’t love. But then, I was like, “why not?” Just because I hate my kitchen doesn’t mean I need to use pots and pans with the handles falling off anymore. The team at Bed Bath & Beyond was super helpful in our registration process and we have narrowed down a list of the top fifteen things you need on your registry!

Happily Registered with Bed Bath & Beyond

Kitchenaid Mixer

I feel like this is a kitchen staple for everyone. It’s also a great center piece to use as decor. We chose the copper color one as our kitchen is mostly neutrals! Everyone I asked for registry advice, mentioned this as one of the first items!

Bath Linens

We knew we were adding the Wamsutta Turkish Bath Sheets before we even got to the store! I have made jokes on Twitter and Instagram Stories before about my body being too big for towels at the gym or spa — there is nothing like wrapping yourself in a giant towel after a bath! These bath sheets are like triple the size of a normal towel and feel so luxe!







Now is the time to stock up on bedding! Especially things like guest room sheets, extra pillows, or any needs like that! Bed Bath & Beyond has an amazing selection to choose from at all price points!


Word of advice!! Definitely replace your old pillows with new ones! The ones on our couch are super flat and deflated! Bed Bath & Beyond has an amazing variety of pillows from sleeping pillows to decorative pillows for your couch. They also have ones specifically for back sleepers, stomach sleepers etc! (You may need these more than you think!)


Our silverware drawer is mortifying. It’s an eclectic mix of different sets we have had over the years — aka a hot mess express. We finally chose a plain gold set we both love by Oliver and Olivia! This flatware set is especially easy to dress up for our more formal nights with family and friends, but also so simple to dress down for our casual nights at home together.


A Dyson vacuum has been on my wishlist for as long as I can remember. They really are just that much better! Maybe this will make me enjoy cleaning! I can’t recommend this enough! We love this particular one because it’s cordless, small (which means easy to store), and comes with a bracket to hang it on your wall.

Nespresso Vertuoline Coffee and Espresso Maker

This is the exact coffee maker we have. We use it every single day and it has been a dream. It’s my favorite part of my morning routine! Coffee lovers look no further! This machine can make you a quick espresso drink or simply your morning coffee. We use the Nespresso coffee and espresso maker very single day, it has been a dream. Ever since we received this machine it has been a part of my morning routine!


We love using this when we are in a hurry! There is honestly nothing worse than cleaning a juicer or a blender! You all know I am on a celery juice kick, and Joe uses it all the time for his protein shakes!

Wine Glasses

We got these red wine glasses by Olivia an Oliver. You had me at the gold rim! These are so gorgeous and look SUPER expensive. We added the other sets to our list! I love seeing these on our bar cart. We registered for these Olivia and Oliver gold rim wine glasses. They are so gorgeous and look SUPER elegant.

Bar Accessories

This Rabbit Wine opener is a game changer! If you need any barware such as ice buckets, cocktail shakers, decanters or any other accessories to spruce up your selection — now is the time! Btw… this Rabbit Wine opener is a game changer!

Picture Frames

We love these glittery ones. You’re going to love all of your wedding photos, so you’ll definitely want to have a something to put them in! Picture frames make for an amazing registry gift for any younger guest or guests on a budget. I promise that you wont regret registering for them!

Pretty Mugs

Who else is guilty of having a cabinet full of mugs that don’t match? Yeah, us too. Love these marble ones! We got two for now because I didn’t want to wait, but are hoping for a complete set!



This platter is amazing because of the handles — truly a game changer! I got tons of requests to share this easy recipe on stories so I will do that soon! We also recommend stocking up on things you may not necessarily have like ramekins, small bowls, gravy dishes, dessert plates etc.!

Small Appliances

Bed Bath & Beyond has everything from air-fryers and toasters to food processors and milk frothers. Whatever it is that you want — they have it!


Our plate situation right now is less than ideal, we have plates with chips in them, and incomplete sets from them breaking. We are definitely due for an upgrade. These Artisanal Kitchen Supply® Coupe Marbleized Dinnerware Collection in Grey are the ones we chose (to match our mugs)! They have both casual dinnerware and fine china, so I loved having that flexibility!


No matter where you are in your relationship (living together for four years like us, or never lived together) Bed Bath & Beyond has absolutely everything you could ever need to register for! And as you can tell – we had a blast doing it!



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