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Packing for NYFW


Packing for NYFW


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In order to not go crazy while preparing for New York Fashion week, you must be prepared. Since this is our first season attending, we were ultra prepared and started planning really early. We have rounded up some of our tips for packing (not necessarily just for New York Fashion Week). For easy navigation, we have divided this post into categories: what you need for packing, what you need on the plane, the little things you need while you’re there, and how to take care of yourself and your clothes while you’re there.

For Packing:


Packing is something that I absolutely dread. I am not good at it. So I need tools to help assist me and make it more fun. Since we are going to Fashion Week, and will be changing a lot more during the day than we would on a usual trip, we need things to help keep all of our accessories organized. This jewelry roll, sunglass roll, and laundry bag set are so cute and SO useful. I normally just use the laundry bag the hotel provides — but this is so chic and it’s time to step my game up! Don’t forget to pack this in-flight organizer and compression kit! The compression kit will save you a ton of space, as well as keep your organized. The in-flight organizer hangs over the tray table and helps keep your in-flight essentials easy to reach throughout your flight. This is essential for a red-eye because I don’t want anything underneath my seat, or to have to stand up a bunch of times during the flight.

For the Plane:


I am not a diva at all when it comes to traveling, however, I do like to maximize my comfort. I rarely fly in anything but athleisure, and I always bring things to help keep me warm on the plane. We added some additional items to this widget specifically for red-eye flights! I always get anxiety about not having water, and I hate the pressure of having to finish a glass, and not knowing when the attendant will be back again with more. So I always pack my Swell bottle and fill it right before I board. In order to stay comfy on the flight, I always like to wear either a sweater or a poncho that can double as a blanket; this one is perfect! The obvious items you need, but should never forget: neck pillow, headphones, and a sleep mask! We are in a tricky situation this year — we are both taking separate red-eyes and can’t check into our hotel before we have to be at a show. So we will improvise: do an eye mask on the plane so we look refreshed and can pretend we got a full night sleep. Other essentials that we need on hand: deodorant, makeup wipes, and facial refreshing mist.

For Survival:


We learned the hard way at Simply Stylist LA — do not travel without a portable charger. So this time, we are bringing multiple backups. Everything in this category is pretty much a necessity: extra iPhone cables, a note book for taking notes at the shows, business card holder, extra memory cards for my camera, and of course, a Lumee case for social media in dark places. Another essential for me, and this one is like life or death: FLATS. I can not wear heels for an entire day. I can barely last a few hours. So in between shows I definitely need some flats that fit easily inside my purse.

Take Care:


These items are probably the most important. We are only in New York for 4 days and it’s going to be a whirlwind. I’m going to have to remind myself to take some deep breaths and do some self-care while I’m there. But before ourselves, we must take care of our clothes. There are two of us sharing a room — and you don’t even want to know how many outfits we are packing. So extra hangers, wrinkle spray, and a portable steamer are major. Another thing I love to do when I’m staying at a nice hotel is take a bath: I love to soak in some good bath oil, and put on a face mask and hair mask (we love this one from Ouai, because it’s pre-portioned and portable). This is a great way to unwind, but also kill three birds with one stone. As hard as it’s going to be to unplug, I’m really going to try.

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