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Leggings Don’t Always Mean Lazy


Leggings Don’t Always Mean Lazy

It’s been a rainy week here in the Bay Area. I love the rain; always have. Not only do we need it so badly, but it is the perfect excuse to bust out my Hunter boots. I love wearing them, but unfortunately, I don’t have too many opportunities to do so.

I honestly believe that everyone needs a pair of Hunter boots. They are the probably the most useful pair of boots I have. Every time it rains, you can be certain I am wearing them. I am headed to Chicago with my dad in a few weeks and I am definitely packing my Hunters & their boot socks. I really have my sights set on the glossy red ones, and with El Nino winter coming- I will be buying them sooner rather than later.

In my opinion, leggings have such a bad rap. They are considered “lazy” or “not pants.” I know that you don’t see many bloggers wearing leggings but since day one, I have promised to be real with you all. Leggings are a big part of my outfits- I probably wear them three or four times a week. While they are not “high fashion.” I just wanted to show that you can dress leggings up and make them perfectly acceptable to wear out and about.  For this look, I paired my leggings with more high-end accessories to dress up the outfit a bit more. My favorite (actually, only) brand of leggings that I wear are Zella. They are thick enough to not show anything, and the mid-rise is super flattering. I have multiple pairs so that I will never be left in a bind without a clean pair ready to go.

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