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Photo: c/o Minted.
Almost everything on the table is from Cost Plus.
Napkins. Candle Holders. Chargers.

Today, I am happy to share a little piece of my home with you all. As you know from this post, I have been trying to update my home with a little more color and accent pieces. When I first moved into my apartment it was a struggle to incorporate all of my furniture and artwork since I was now living with my boyfriend. I had a lot of fashion prints that I have been collecting for years (I refused to give up my Gray Malin Prada Marfa), and decorative pieces that were very feminine. Joe and I tend to disagree on what kind of art to hang on the walls. He would love to hang a marlin above our couch, where I would love to just hang inspirational quotes or paintings of Birkin bags everywhere. This is where Minted comes in. A few of my girlfriends have some art from Minted in their homes- and I absolutely love them! Their foil pieces are so amazing- but I really needed something larger to ease the pain of all the white walls in our apartment.

The Minted website has something for everyone. I love that their Art Marketplace is a place where independent artists can share their work. Minted describes itself as “a marketplace for independent artists. Minted hosts regular competitions to source all their art from their global community of independent artists.” I was so happy to be able to choose a print from an up and coming artist. Christian Florin is a photographer from Southern California who has really amazing work. Because of Minted, I found him on Instagram- and am now a huge fan of his work. Joe and I wanted to choose a piece that meant something to both of us. Since he wasn’t thrilled about me choosing a bright pink and orange abstract piece- we kept searching until something really jumped out at us. I loved “Alone” the second I saw it. Since we live right by the beach, this photo was absolutely perfect for what we were looking for- and matched the color scheme of our place. Although this photo was taken in Malibu, it looks like it could have been right down the street from us. Since moving to Pacifica, I have had moments where I reallllly miss the city and all of my people in it. But then I have really good days by the beach and really appreciate living so close to it. This photo is the perfect reminder to me to cherish this time in my life and enjoy the beauty that is around me. The artist said of this photograph: ” I can remember this afternoon sitting up above the rocks and just looking out into the ocean at the great vastness.” I am already scouring #mintedart again- anxious to buy my next piece! I found one that was actually taken in Pacifica and is absolutely gorgeous. It’s only a matter of time until that is on my wall. See my other favorites here, here and here.

Disclosure: Thank you Minted for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from
Minted, all content and opinions expressed here are my own.









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