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One of my favorite parts of traveling is people watching. Well actually — fashion watching. I especially love observing European women. What they’re wearing, the way they pair their accessories, and I’m absolutely fascinated by how they layer. They have this effortlessly chic quality to their street style, and every time I’m abroad I find myself inspired in SO many ways.

European women never look uncomfortable, or like they’re in costume. They aren’t into matching perfectly, and their outfits never looked contrived. They don’t care about their hair being perfect, and they definitely don’t fret over their makeup. Undeniably, every time I go to Europe I come back with a fresh perspective on my own look – maybe I don’t have to do my hair every day… maybe eyeliner is totally overrated, and maybe I should invest in some more black <<< hahahahha.

Anyhow, now to the point of this post. As many of you know, I spent the last two weeks in Italy and the street-style fashion inspiration was endless. One style I saw in abundance – that is SO easy to incorporate into any wardrobe – was the mule. I mean these shoes were EVERYWHERE. This specific style of heel was displayed in every store window and Italian women were wearing them everywhere – in Rome, Florence, and I even spotted a woman wearing mules at our hotel in Lake Como.

I love featuring styles on the blog that are easy for all women to wear – and I am happy to say that mules are one of those styles – they’re friendly for all age groups. They’re sturdy,  they’re easy to walk in, and they’re totally on trend. The mules in this post are from Zara, here, but I’ve also linked a bunch of other ones I’ve had my eyes on. Happy shopping loves! XooX

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