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Emily’s CBD Daily Dosing Schedule

Emily of Two Peas in a Prada shares how she uses equilibria CBD throughout the day to help her stay calm, collected, and then to sleep at night.

I started taking CBD in March to help with my anxiety throughout the day, and I cannot explain what a GODSEND it has been for me. One of the most common questions I get about CBD is: how to take CBD, and how often? That being said, I figured I would detail my daily dosing schedule here for everyone, and explain why I love the products SO much. Plus – I am always getting asked if CBD will make you “high”. Answering that in this post as well!

My Equilibria CBD Dosing:

  • 6:45am: I eat a rice cake with almond butter. The fat in the almond butter will help the CBD absorb better. You can take your CBD with any fat dense food – avocado, cheese, even a full meal!
  • 7:00 am: I take a full dropper of my daily drops. I simply place the drops under my tongue and hold them there for 60 seconds.
  • 12:00 pm: I take a full dropper of my daily drops, under my tongue for 60 seconds. This is the time I usually get lunch ready for everyone, put everyone down for naps, and then knock out my work. CBD doesn’t make me tired during the day at all… it just makes me more chill. I get asked about that ALL the time. I promise – it’s not going to make you feel sleepy or out of its
  • 4:30 pm before dinner:  I take a half dropper – under my tongue for 60 seconds – this helps me have more patience during dinner.
    • 8:00 pm: I take a daily soft gel extra strength– this helps me fall asleep and stay asleep. The softgels are what I would say are extended release and take effect after about an hour – whereas the drops take effect within 15 minutes. FYI the extra strength drops and extra strength softgels are no joke. You will feel it with these. Since I only have moderate anxiety and sleep issues, I only take the extra strength at night.
  • If I am trying to fall asleep quickly, I will take a full dropper under my tongue for 60 seconds before bed.


  • CBD absorbs in your body up to 30% better when taken with some kind of fatty food – IE: a piece of cheese, a slice of avocado, or a rice cake with almond butter!
  • The CBD cream is amazing for menstrual cramps or ovulation cramps as well!

What Equilibria CBD products I use:

What Equilibria CBD does for me: 

  • Chills me out.
  • Helps me focus.
  • Helps me have more patience with my kids.
  • Elevates my stress threshold.

What Equilibria CBD doesn’t do: 

  • I don’t feel high.
  • I don’t feel lazy.
  • I don’t feel sleepy.
  • It also doesn’t replace therapy or dealing with your feelings. You still have to do those things.

Why I love Equilibria CBD: 

  • I love the company because they are by women and for women.
  • I love that they offer our followers a discount code! Twopeasinaprada for 15% off.
  • I LOVE that they offer autoship
  • I LOVE that you can cancel at any time. You never will, but I LOVE that they believe in their products so much that they offer this.
  • I am obsessed with their CBD consultants. When I talked to Maia, I literally felt like I was in a therapy session. I spilled my guts about my anxiety. I told her when I was most on edge… and from there she tailor created a CBD dosing plan just for me. I LOVE their business.
  • I also LOVE the results. I feel more even. I have more patience. I sleep better.

How to order Equilibria CBD: 

  • It is so easy to order. Click >>> here.
  • You can purchase items a la carte or in bundles.
  • I signed up for this bundle >>> here.
  • Use the code: ASHANDEM for 15% off.
  • It works best when taken every day, so the autoship bundles are a great way to ensure that you never miss a dose!


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