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My Fabric Fixation

The other night, my girlfriend Emily and I were talking about memories. We were discussing why we remember certain things – and why others seem to slip away so easily. She was musing how weird it is that she’s, self proclaimed, “not a numbers person” but she can readily remember the birthdays and phone numbers of people from elementary school — people she hasn’t spoken to in years. I was commenting how weird it is that I can’t really remember any of my relationships before my husband. <<< Selective memory perhaps?!? A good thing, to be sure, but weird nonetheless…. don’t you think?

Anyone else have these weird memory patterns? It’s a really interesting conversation — and it has me completely fascinated. More on this topic >>> here. Anyhow, it got me thinking about the things that  I do actually remember.

So, first and foremost, I very specifically remember happy moments. Thankfully, anything negative is very foggy to me. I remember getting cast as a lead in our school play, I remember summer camp, I remember being nominated Homecoming Queen, I remember getting my SAT scores, I remember the moment I got into my dream college, I remember the night I got engaged, and I very clearly remember seeing William for the first time. I think this is pretty common… remembering things that are happy and meaningful.

But what is most interesting, to me, is that I also, very specifically, remember fabrics. For example – I cannot recall anything about my Bat Mitzvah. But I can remember the soft, pale blue, shantung silk of my dress. I cannot remember any part of interviewing for my first job – post college – but I can remember how stifling the wool of my suit felt. I cannot remember anything from Christmas 1995  – but I can remember the way the dark, navy blue, velvet of a Tiffany’s box – a gift from my Grandfather – felt in my hands. And lastly, I cannot specifically remember my mom going to work when I was little, but I do, very specifically, remember nuzzling my face into her silk neck scarves when she would arrive home.

Isn’t that funny?

Moving to the present, my mom – still – has an affinity for silk neck scarves – especially of the Hermès variety. 🙂

I mean… who doesn’t?

Anyhow, when she brought me this one (in the photos) from a trip Paris a couple of years ago, it brought back – to use the popular instagram hashtag –  #allthefeels. As I unwrapped the iconic orange box, I wondered in my head, how would I ever pull it off?

In my head –  there will always be some articles of clothing that are especially reserved for “grown ups”… and silk neck scarves are totally one of them.

But I guess I am a “grown up” now… soo…. 

I got over that real quickly – and now I absolutely adore using scarves to accentuate my outfits. Whether I tie one around my neck, wear one around my wrist, or loop one around the handle of my purse – silk scarves are an understated and sophisticated way of adding color and pattern to any outfit.

If you’re not sure you can pull off the look – trust me – you can. I’ve linked a bunch of awesome ones below, and if you’re not sure how to tie yours, Hermès even has a “Silk Knots” app that you can download in the app store!  Is this a look you’d try? Happy shopping, Loves! XooX

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