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My Favorite Maternity Clothing Staples

For all my mamas-to-be, this post is for you! There are so many maternity clothing options out there that finding the perfect pieces you feel comfortable and cute in can be overwhelming, so I’ve narrowed it down for you with this list. From the best maternity bras to my choice for the most supportive sneakers, use this maternity clothing list as a guide!

I was pregnant mainly from fall to winter, so this list works best for that timeframe, but you can build from it no matter when you are pregnant. 


I looked far and wide for the perfect maternity tanks. I wanted something stretchy, soft, and long. I need all the extra length I can get when I’m pregnant and these 3 pack tanks from Amazon were perfect. They also are super wallet friendly too! I get the three pack of black ones. The perfect rouched tank that fully fits over every belly and is a great layering piece!


You knew it was going to be Commando’s Butter Bralette! While I love it for maternity, I wear it year-round because it’s so comfortable and amazing. Get a few!


The lululemon Align leggings are a pregnant mama’s dream. So comfortable and compressive, plus they’re super flattering! You probably won’t take them off postpartum, to be honest.

Dupe Leggings (only in 3rd trimester):  

However, once you get into the 3rd trimester, the Align leggings may not be as comfortable. For those last few months, these maternity leggings off Amazon are perfect—supportive and comfy.

Longline Jackets: 

I throw one of these on over my tried and true legging and black tank combo nearly every day! 


Who says you can’t wear jeans and still look and feel fashionable with a baby in your belly? I love the DL1961 Emma skinny maternity jeans/legging. With the right top, you can only tell they’re maternity if you’re turned to the side!

Long Sleeves: 

This a great basic long sleeve tee for both maternity and postpartum. It’s thin so it’s easy to pair under sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc. or can totally be worn on its own! It’s very simple and has stretch so you’ll be comfortable wearing it



I have more or less lived in this aerie oversized hoodie this pregnancy. It’s buttery soft and doubles as a workout hoodie if you need some layering. Otherwise, I’ve just been lounging in it and love it!

Lounge Sweatshirt: 

Another lounge-y item I’ve had on rotation is this insanely soft sweatshirt from aerie. If you like sherpa material, you will love this! Plus, it’s oversized so it’s wearable throughout your entire pregnancy and beyond.


Literally the best slippers ever made. If it was socially acceptable to wear these everywhere, I would but I’ll settle for wearing them around the house for now. Can’t recommend them enough!


I love my Golden Goose superstar sneakers so much. I’ve worn them in over the years, so they’ve become my most comfortable shoe. Throw them on with a pair of leggings and oversized sweatshirt, and you’re in mama-to-be comfy heaven!


If there’s been an occasion to dress up just a little bit during this pregnancy, I’ve immediately grabbed for my Gucci Princetown mules with the shearling lining. Is there anything better than these?! You’re high fashion while essentially walking around in a furry slipper—sign me up!


I’m a sucker for a long cardigan and thank goodness they are the perfect piece for pregnancy style. I wear mine over one of the maternity tank tops and a pair of leggings and am ready to go for the day (even if “go” means working from the couch!). 

Sweater Dress:

Pretty much the only dress I’ve worn for the last 9 months and thankful for it! This sweater dress is minimal chic and can handle a growing belly, which I appreciate. It’s an easy dress to throw on for errands, date night, etc.!


And of course, my Nordstrom Moonlight pajamas. I love the mens-inspired piping of this PJ set and how insanely comfortable and cute it is. I want one in every pattern, pregnant or not!

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