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My Go-To Dress


We’re halfway through the week, Loves… I hope it has been a good one for you! Joe, William, and I are headed to New York today – and this dress was one of the first things I threw in my suitcase last night. It’s my go-to dress… and it is amazing for SO many reasons.

Namely: because it’s $20 ( actually it’s $12 right now with the code: ALL40 – can you believe it?!?), it’s easily washable, it’s comfortable, and it’s absolutely adorable.

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Unfortunately our trip to New York is not under the best of circumstances (my Grandpa’s funeral is on Friday) but we’ll be with family and that is what matters most. What’s more, my cousin Lyle and his wife Morgan, just had a beautiful baby girl named Scout <<< isn’t that adorable?!?  I cannot wait to meet her and give her SO many kisses! It’s amazing, how even in the midst of sadness there is always something to smile about, and surely a brand new baby is one of those things. I’m also SO excited to see how William does with a new baby… it’ll be a good learning experience for him. 🙂

Ok, now, back to my go-to dress. I love investing in pieces that are easy to travel with – and this dress definitely fits the bill. It doesn’t wrinkle in your suitcase, which I love, and if it does need a little refreshing, all it takes is a quick “once over” with the iron. Or a good steam while you’re showering. The fabric is breathable, and the fit is loose, so it’s extremely comfortable as well. What’s more, it is SO easy to wash – you just throw it in the laundry and tumble dry. I also love this dress because it allows you to look great without spending a fortune  — the $20 price point is amazing. It comes in a variety of colors, and I have them all <<< oops… although I find myself wearing the olive and the grey most.  Something else I just thought of is that this dress is great for literally every season. I’m loving it right now with sandals, but you could wear it just as easily in the fall with booties, and then again in the winter over leggings. <<< Patting myself of the back for this discovery. 🙂

Happy shopping, Loves! XooX

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