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Ashley from Two Peas in a Prada wears Nectar Sunglasses and black Gucci bag.

What started out as a late-night desperate plea on Insta stories turned into this post. Let me explain… I was laying in bed one night watching Southern Charm. And I saw Cameran attending a pool party and wearing the cutest sunglasses I have ever seen. I paused and unpaused my TV so many times trying to read what it said on the side. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure it out. So I did what every blogger does, I asked my people.

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I tagged Cameran in the post, and SO many of you replied to me. Thank you so much for that by the way, most people thought they said “Volcom” which – I agree, it looked like it from the screenshot. But I searched the internet high and low, no luck. I stayed up for hours, I was SO determined to get these damn sunglasses. I finally passed out dreaming of the perfect pair of sunnies that I thought I would never have.

The next day I woke up to a DM from Cameran herself. I allowed myself to fan-girl for just a moment (I have been obsessed with her since Real World San Diego), and then I got down to business. Nectar. The sunglasses said NECTAR. So I hauled ass over to their site, I couldn’t believe the price, all under $40! SCORE! Not only did I find my dream sunglasses, but they are also SO affordable.

These are the exact ones she wore, they have been sold out ever since she posted them on her Insta, but I am on the waitlist and determined to get them! I ended up doing some research on the brand during my hunt and was intrigued. Like Two Peas in a Prada, Nectar was founded by two best friends. Every single pair is handmade and every single purchase helps populate honey bee hives. They are cute, affordable, and a good cause? I was sold! Read more about their honey bee initiative here.

I was so impressed by this company and their mission, I ended up reaching out to them. I could have easily just purchased a few pairs and gone about my merry way. But I reallly wanted to share their story with you guys — so that is how this post came to be!

I ended up getting this pair I’m wearing here, as well as these black ones. I am on the waitlist for the Pharoh and the Kilgo. I can’t wait until they’re restocked!!! Summer is almost here, and you don’t have to break the bank stocking up on new sunnies. Plus, you’re giving back to nature. How amazing is that? I hope you guys love Nectar as much as I do — let me know which pairs you get!!!

Ashley from Two Peas in a Prada wears Nectar Sunglasses and black Gucci bag.
\ Ashley from Two Peas in a Prada wears Nectar Sunglasses and black Gucci bag.



Ashley from Two Peas in a Prada wears Nectar Sunglasses and black Gucci bag.

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  1. That’s so cool she DM’ed you! Love those sunnies and you can’t beat that price. Such a great find!


  2. I feel like I was reading a scenario I’ve been in so many timea hahah! I can’t tell you how often I will be watching shows (ahem, Pretty Little Liars… love Spencer’s style!) and pause and search for a certain piece! So glad you found them- great pair of sunglasses and I can’t believe the price!

  3. Loved this story!! Cameron is my favorite on the show and I just ADORE her style!! Great find on the sunglasses xo

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