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Shopping Your Closet

Naked Wardrobe Trench, Givenchy Antigona, Ivanka Trump

When we first started the blog, I was shopping. A lot. I thought for each post I needed a brand new outfit and that it had to be super fancy and on trend.

The more we kept going, and developing a strong reader base, I realized that isn’t what our audience wanted at all. I was spending a fortune on all of these new clothes (I’m not complaining, just stating a fact). While this was all fun- I was completely overspending. Fashion blogger on a teacher salary is the new champagne taste on a beer budget. Finally, I have realized that it’s better to keep it real. Not everyone can go out and buy a new outfit all the time. And we don’t either. Sometimes it’s about shopping your closet and putting together unexpected things. Buy a staple piece here or there and incorporate it in many different ways!

I wrote on Instagram that my spring resolution was to buy less, and shop my closet more. So now whenever I have a shoot scheduled I kind of look at what I already have and work in a few new (affordable) pieces. This has worked out way better for me. I have an appreciation for old items that I forgot about. When we went to LA I really wanted to wear a kick-ass outfit for the Simply Stylist conference- but we just did this huge site redesign and I didn’t have the budget to buy a completely new outfit. I ended up wearing this trench over my beloved Express body-suit & Old Navy jeans. And it was a hit! I was comfortable, stylish, and didn’t have to buy a thing! I have linked a more budget friendly on our new “Shop” page– check it out here.

If you follow me on Snapchat– you know that I recently bought a few staple pieces (a new amazing bomber, blush pink vest, suede waterfall jacket & some dress options for wedding season). They were all super affordable and can be worn a million different ways. So keep your eyes out for posts incorporating those items into outfits I already have!

This brings me to my final point… along with many new features that our new design has to offer, we are also offering styling services. The idea came to us when multiple people asked me in the same week if I would assist them in editing their closets and helping them put outfits together. Um yes, we would love to! Check out our new page here

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Two Peas in a Prada- Naked Wardrobe Trench, Givenchy Antigona, Ivanka Trump



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