P(ash)li on St. Patrick's Day - Ashley & Emily
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P(ash)li on St. Patrick’s Day

Photography by Cici Studios

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Bag: Phillip Lim. Pants: JCrew.
Top: Pleione. Jacket: BB Dakota.

So I’m just going to come out and say it, I was such a weirdo in high school. Emily can definitely attest to this. I had this very strange obsession with pandas, which was solely based on the fact that AJ McLean (my favorite Backstreet Boy) also liked pandas. So I started collecting them- I had them everywhere, in my car, on my bed, on shelves in my room. It got really out of hand. I even referred to my bedroom as “Panda”monium. How I had friends, I have no idea. Eventually people started calling me Pash (Panda Ash). I even had a personalized license plate that said Pash. Looking back on this time in my life, I realize that this sounds 100% insane. But I always prided myself on being different and still do.

So what does this have to do with anything? Well, I try and buy myself a handbag once a year. They are my true passion and bring such joy to my life. Last year it was Gigi (Givenchy Antigona). And this year it’s Pashli. I obviously have a special connection to the bag based on the name alone. I have been eyeing this bag for some time. At first I really wanted black, but I have soooo many black and gold handbags that I just could not justify purchasing another one. I was browsing online and saw this jade one. It caught my eye immediately, and I knew she was the one.

So in the spirit of St. Patrick’s day I wanted to share this green beauty with all of you. 

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