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Pregnancy Update: Week 23


Pregnancy Update: Week 23

wife mom boss 23 weeks pregnant, Emily Farren Wieczorek of Two Peas in a Prada, 23-week pregnancy update

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Oh boy, Oh boy. This week/weekend was a doozy.

On Thursday, William got sent home from school after throwing up twice during nap time. I figured we’d be in for the 24 hour stomach bug, but little did I know what was to come. The first night was in a word – hell. At around 2am, Joe and I had both been thrown up on, poo-ed on, and we finally gave in and let William sleep in our bed. The next three nights have been the same.

Poor William. He’s at the age right now, where it’s hard to explain to him what’s going on, and I can tell he’s so scared to eat because he’ll throw up or go to the bathroom again. If any of you mommas are going through the same thing – I feel for you. It’s awful.

All I can say is, thank God, THANK GOD for family. My mom and my sister have come in as reinforcements, and my sister is extending her trip home to watch William this next week so Joe and I can go to work. I don’t know what we would do without her.

It’s the worst feeling in the word when your child is sick. There’s nothing you can do, and the viruses they get tend to be relentless. Apparently this specific virus is going around our area – and it’s the worst I’ve experienced since becoming a mom. The nurse we saw today said we might be in for a 7-10 day cycle of this… so… barf…. (pun intended)

The good news is that, the weekend stuck inside made me get really creative with our crock-pot, so I’ve got some great winter soup recipes coming for you. AND while we were in the throes of the stomach bug, Ashley attended the Create and Cultivate conference in Atlanta, so we have some amazing posts coming from there as well!

Stay tuned the next couple of weeks – we have some exciting posts coming up – like….

  • What to know before you start a blog (the first of our Blogging Bible Series)
  • The truth about Emily’s marble countertops (since everyone has been asking)
  • Baby Registries – a “How To” guide
  • Our Thanksgiving Table – favorite recipes from each of our families
  • Dealing with anxiety
  • And many, many more. We’ve been SO thrilled with your requests for posts, and as you can tell, we’ve been busy getting all of them together!

Oh and… something really exciting coming up… we’re starting a newsletter!!!  The first one should be out in the beginning of November, and we’re SO excited.

OK… now onto the update!

Pregnancy Update: 23 Weeks

How many weeks: 23 weeks

Our baby is the size of: A papaya (why did the size seem to go down?) These fruit comparisons are so SO so weird.

Gender: It’s a boy!!! If you missed our gender reveal… head here.

Pounds Gained: 18-20 depending on the time of day – and my water consumption.

What I’m Wearing: 

This really hasn’t changed all that much, but since the weather is changing and it’s getting cooler, I’m loving wearing dresses with OTK boots. On a normal day, I’m wearing my pregnancy jeans with an oversized tee and my trusty Nordstrom cardigan (see below) – and these Kristin Cavallari mules are seriously TO DIE for. Everyone asks me about them. These leather maternity leggings are also amazing.


Oh and… I’ll say it again… this coat (see below). It’s $35, and it’s amazing. My sister was just home visiting and she was wearing it in the hunter green. I may need to order that color too! I will say though, size up. Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant – but I really like the extra room in this coat – especially because you may be throwing it over a sweater.


Sickness: Well- I have been feeling pretty horrible lately – but it has nothing to do with the pregnancy. I’m pretty sure that I’m getting this bug that William has, but my body is trying to fight it off. I feel like gagging every time I eat… it’s lovely. 🙂

Things I forgot: I forgot how insane my nesting gets when I am pregnant. After I had William, you couldn’t pay me to cook or clean. I mean, obviously I had to do both of those things to get by, but I just had NO desire. Now… oh good lord… the crock pot is out, and no junk drawer is safe. I am a-cooking… and a-cleaning… and a-preparing-our-home-for-a-baby-machine. As I said before… I have many recipes to share this winter, so get excited.

Cravings: Pumpkin bread. <<< It’s that time of year. Oh and… stews, my kale salad, Gustaf’s Licorice, La Croix (all day every day), Starbursts, Fritos… I’m a mess you guys. Really I’m just putting it out there… I see food, I eat it. :/

Aversions: Nothing – except when I’m feeling nauseaus.

Favorite products: 

    • I’m still loving that same belly oil that I talked about two weeks ago — I’ve found that it works best if you apply it right after your shower – after you dry yourself off.
    • I am lighting candles like a crazy person, so I’ve linked a few of my favorites below.
    • I am still obsessed with diffusing lavender next to my bed at night – it’s been helping with the nausea.
    • My crock pot – if you follow me on snapchat… you know what I mean.


Sleeping: Sleeping has been going well – this is the pregnancy pillow I use – it’s called “The Bump Nest”. But I want to try a more “full body” pillow like the ones below.


Rings: Still on – I have been cleaning them in the little device you see below. The oil that I apply after my shower has been making them really dirty, so Joe got me this to help keep them clean. I’m pretty obsessed.


Feelings: So I know I didn’t talk about this much in my last pregnancy update, but I’ll write about it now. It’s not a HUGE deal, but nonetheless something that I think could be helpful to other mommas as they navigate pregnancy. At our 20 week scan, everything looked good. Except my placenta. I have a slightly low lying placenta. After lots of terrified googling – I finally talked to my doctor about what it really meant. She assured me that it happens to a ton of women, and it usually just “moves higher” throughout pregnancy (this happens about 90% of the time) and if not, usually the “worst case scenario” is bed rest in the third trimester, and a C-Section.

That being said – I’ve been visualizing my placenta moving higher. I know, I know, it sounds crazy. But the power of positive thinking is strong – I know it is. And I fully believe that what you put out to the universe is important. So if any of you want to pray for my placenta – I’ll take it!

One last thing… this past doctor’s appointment reminded me how out of your control your pregnancy, and your eventual birth are. You really have to put it in God’s hands – and your doctors’ hands – and hope for the best. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but I am trying to go more with the flow, and appreciate that none of this is up to me.

Embarrassing Stories: As many of you know, my boss got married last weekend – and finding a dress to wear for his wedding was no easy feat.

Everyone says that you show faster with your second than you do with your first, and holy LAWDDD, I had no idea how true that was until I went to find a formal dress. The first one I tried on… my husband – who NEVER has an opinion about what I wear – said, “hmmmm.”

That is never a good sign.

Then I found the dress that I actually ended up wearing… and I loved it… up until abut 5 minutes before we were about to leave for the wedding. I have touched on this before, but I have a hard time being pregnant. I don’t LOVE the huge belly, boobs, and thighs, and I feel a little bit out of my comfort zone. Leaving our hotel – let’s just say, I’ve felt prettier at other times in my life. 🙂

That being said, it was the perfect wedding. I’ve truthfully never seen my boss happier in his life, and his wife looked – absolutely stunning.

About halfway through the wedding, after dinner, everyone started to dance. I sat out a couple of songs, talked to my lovely friends, Rachel and Pam, and finally a song came on that we decided we should get up for. As we were making our way to the dance floor, our intern (who – to his credit – is very smart, but very young) pointed at my belly and asked, “Can you dance with that thing?!?”

I almost died laughing. 

Yes – I can dance with this thing – and dance we did. BUT STILL… it was mortifying nonetheless.

Exciting Stories: My doctor said that she found the blog through Facebook and that she loves it. The ladies at William’s daycare also confided in me that they’ve been reading along with this pregnancy. It makes me so incredibly happy to hear. I can’t say how thankful I am for you – our readers. That’s really the best part of all of this… it’s finding other women (and mommas) who enjoy reading about pregnancy and life… so thank you SO much. Hearing you enjoy reading these updates means the world to me. It makes this t-shirt you see below – and all the hats we’re wearing – totally worth it.

wife mom boss 23 weeks pregnant, Emily Farren Wieczorek of Two Peas in a Prada, 23-week pregnancy update

wife mom boss 23 weeks pregnant, Emily Farren Wieczorek of Two Peas in a Prada, 23-week pregnancy update

wife mom boss 23 weeks pregnant, Emily Farren Wieczorek of Two Peas in a Prada, 23-week pregnancy update

wife mom boss 23 weeks pregnant, Emily Farren Wieczorek of Two Peas in a Prada, 23-week pregnancy update

wife mom boss 23 weeks pregnant, Emily Farren Wieczorek of Two Peas in a Prada, 23-week pregnancy update

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