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My Productivity Tips when I Feel Overwhelmed

Thank you to Zappos for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

I have briefly mentioned my anxiety before, but it’s something that’s really hard for me to talk about. When I disappear off stories, that is usually what’s happening. I have a lot of job stress and anxiety about not being able to complete simple tasks in my life like folding my laundry, or cooking food. I know most people think bloggers lead these cushy lives — and I won’t get into that here. But you try paying San Francisco rent — everyone here hustles their asses off in order to be able to afford this amazing city. Which means that my free time is rare and valuable and this is how I’ve been managing it.

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My Productivity Tips

Run Errands Responsibly: When I need to get sh*t done, I have to put my phone down, and get all hands on deck. That means having nothing to fuss with as I go about my day. This Hobo wristlet is PERFECT for running errands. I can keep my phone in it, and keep my hands free to quickly do my returns, ship out packages, or run into Whole Foods for some Topo Chico. I know it sounds so silly, but something this small can totally change your whole day! Shop all their bags here.

Plan Ahead: Use a calendar. I know it sounds so simple. But I have so many calendars it’s sometimes hard to keep track of everything so I have to combine everything into one and make sure that I don’t miss any appointments. I’m a huge fan of checklists — and keeping a notebook in my bag to write down anything that pops into my head throughout the day.

Take Time For Yourself: I know this is easier said than done. For me, this time is at Barry’s. You aren’t allowed to have your phone in there, so I am forced to put it down for an entire hour.

Use Pen & Paper: Sometimes it’s SO nice to just NOT look at a screen for once. Whenever I am in meetings or on a call, I find myself gravitating to pen and paper. It feels so old school, and for someone who loves writing, it makes me happy. Having amazing pens helps too. These are my fav.

Use Apps to Streamline Your Life: I love the Boomerang plugin for Gmail which lets you schedule out your emails, reminds you to follow up etc. If I have extra time on a Saturday I will schedule a ton of emails to go out first thing Monday morning. For blogging, my number one recommended app is Unfold or Tezza. You can make gorgeous story templates and edit your photos in a flash! No wasted time going through a ton of steps. I order as much as I can from sites like Zappos because I know the two-day shipping and free returns won’t add any complication to my already hectic life

Multi-Task: I call my mom when I’m driving, I listen to podcasts on my commute into the city, I do my Instagram engagement on the treadmill, I schedule conference calls when I know I’ll be in the car, I do walk and talks so I can get some exercise in and have a quick meeting.


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