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Reset: My Fall Detox Week 1


Reset: My Fall Detox Week 1

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This post is all about my fall reset, detox, cleanse… whatever you want to call it. After I posted this on Instagram, so many of you requested this blog post. So here is a quick rundown of how I fell off the wagon, and why I am getting back on before the holidays!

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How I Fell off the Wagon:

Somehow, between working 17 hour days (no complaints, just facts), traveling, weddings, fashion week, events every single night, football, I lost all my self-control. That is hard to say — but it’s true. I touched on it a little bit in my “Fat at Fashion Week Post” — I am not one of those girls who gets stressed and loses 10 pounds. I wish I was, but I am the exact opposite.

Back in April, I had pre-ordered Melissa Hartwig’s new book, “Food Freedom Forever” and I kind of forgot about it. But it came in the mail the day it was released, and it could not have happened at a better time. With all the things I am juggling, I pushed cooking, eating right, and regular exercise to the bottom of my priority list. Going from 5-7 Barry’s classes a week to 2-3, if I was lucky, was hard. Physically, but definitely mentally. But building a business is hard — especially when you have a full-time job on top of that and I had to make some sacrifices. Am I proud that I ordered pizza, poke or drove through Taco Bell just because I had no time to do anything else? No. More like ashamed, but Melissa’s book talks a lot about that. Why we need to stop feeling ashamed and guilty for what we’re eating and working on maintaining a healthier relationship with food.


My Reset:

My reset is very Whole 30-esque, but for the same reasons above I can’t commit to the Whole 30 100%. But I love this program because of its flexibility — you can build your own reset. Whatever works for you, for 30 days. I ate some rice on day 1, but I didn’t have time to go and grab lunch and that was the only thing that I had in my fridge at work. I will be 95% following whole 30, but not beating myself up for not having the time to check every single ingredient in the dressing. My 100% off limits are: dairy (the ENEMY), alcohol, gluten, and sweets. That being said, I’m not going to kill myself over one ingredient in my cooking spray.

I am writing this on day 7 and I already feel a million times better. I am sleeping using nothing but Natural Calm (which never happens), I am back working out, and so much less bloated already. And despite a minor mental breakdown on Thursday, I am in much better spirits.

I knew I had to do this before the holidays or it would get out of control. I didn’t want to wait until January. This time around, I really need to work on maintaining this lifestyle despite my crazy hectic schedule. Tons of people do it, I just need to figure it out for myself.

What I’m Eating:

Breakfast is always the easiest part of this for me — and I stayed eating the same thing since my first Whole 30 in January. I found a compliant bacon & chorizo that I love so I have that every morning with eggs. I’ve been making salads every day for lunch, I use Tessemae’s as dressing. Joe and I have been getting the paleo meals from Sunbasket for dinner. If you’re interested in trying it for yourself use this link for your first 3 meals free! I’ve been trying to utilize my crockpot as much as possible because… time. Check out our Pinterest for some more recipes, because that’s where I find most of them!

After the Niner game today,  I’m making this soup. Some of you may have seen my grocery haul on Snapchat yesterday (@ashleyzeal) And I modified this one that I stole from Emily to be compliant by taking out the quinoa, corn, and beans and swapping in potatoes and more veggies. If you have any healthy fall recipes that you love, please share them — I need all the help I can get! I’ll update you all again next week! XooX


P.S. Check out my first Whole 30 Journey here, here, here, and here.


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