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Self Care at Home


Self Care at Home

Reno blogger, Ashley Zeal, from two Peas in a Prada is sharing all of the ways she is practicing self care at home during her social distancing.

I know a lot of you, like us, have taken the precautionary measure and decided to stay at home for the foreseeable future. I thought I would share how I am keeping my stress and anxiety down (not easy at a time like this), and passing the time. A lot of these are already part of my regular routine, and a lot are things I don’t usually “have time” for and so it feels like a treat.

Self Care at Home

Self Tan



Self-tanner just makes me feel better -even if I’m not leaving the house for a while. I linked both my body and my face products!


Facial Massage


Not only is this amazing for your skin, but it is SO calming. The benefits of rose quartz plus facial massage is what we all need right now. Read an entire post on facial massage >>> HERE.




Can’t go to the store for razor blades or is your local Target sold out? Billie to the rescue. You will never have to leave the house for razor blades again.




I’ve been using Garmin for SO many things since I’ve been home. Stress level, body battery, steps, water intake, and breathing. It’s truly my lifeline and keeps me accountable. Keeping my workouts and getting my steps are the only thing that help me with my stress level.


Face Mask


These are all our favorite face masks. I feel like so many of us are doing this right now! My skin also takes the brunt of my stress so taking care of it is KEY.


Bath Bombs


I always take a bath every single day, so this is keeping routine for me. But if you never do – nows your chance. Read a book, listen to a podcast, take a break from the news and just enjoy yourself.


Read Self Improvement Books


Take this time to work on yourself. Something everyone says we don’t have time for. We have just been given a gift of time — don’t take it for granted. Full post on these books >>> HERE.




As someone who already works from home, setting the mood is important. For me, I need a clean work area, water, coffee and candles. Candles are a non-negotiable for me. This brand is my favorite right now!


Diffuse Oil


If you saw my stories last week, I showed that I finally got my jewelry armoire in and spent the day organizing it! I finally brought all my oils down from upstairs and have a place to keep them in my room now! I am really into this Quiet oil right now.


Hair Mask


Finally, this is back in stock – you can also use this as a daily conditioner too! SO GOOD.


Clean Your Makeup Brushes


Full instructions >>> HERE. This is the most cathartic thing ever.


Buy New PJs


I don’t mean just buy them to buy – but I cleaned out my drawers and kept only the PJs I liked, wore often and were in good shape. Bye bye to my high school sweatpants and oversized t-shirts. 90% of this drawer is now my fav Nordstrom pajamas.


Start a Retinol


If you’re not pregnant or nursing, please do this since I can’t. Counting down the days.


Use Neck Cream 


Emily convinced me to start a neck cream and now I am obsessed. It’s never too late to start!


Elemis Eye Mask:

WE LOVE THIS EYE MASK! It is super hydrating and can be used under or over your makeup! We also love these eye masks!



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