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Snapshots Of Now

Every year, I look forward to picking out our holiday card photo. As a little girl, I adored pouring over our friends’ cards that we would get in the mail, and I love continuing the tradition today.


Ever since Joe and I got engaged, we’ve been sending out holiday cards together, and usually finding the photo is quite easy. In years past, we planned out our outfits far in advance, we got Henry groomed, and we made sure that we both looked our best. However, as with all things, when you have kids, things change. This year, we threw our outfits together the day before (you can shop my dress here), Henry looks totally scraggly, and these photos were taken after work on a Wednesday. Full disclosure – I hadn’t washed my hair in 3 days.

Life happens. 

We knew going into this that we were asking a lot of our photographer, Courtney. Getting the perfect photo of two exhausted parents, a wiggly infant, and an unruly pup — it would be next to impossible. Yet somehow, she did it. Let’s be honest — she always does it… she’s amazing. I love them because they show us as we are right now… a little bit exhausted, a little bit frazzled, but so blissfully happy. Me and all my boys — I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am so excited to share them with you, and I hope you love them too. XooX

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All photos by Courtney Aaron

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  1. I adore the fact that you're rocking a cocktail dress in these photos. Only you, my darling! And, for the record, you put us all to shame with your "throwing it all together last minute". Again, only you. Love you guys! xo

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