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Happy Thursday, Loves!

I don’t know about you, but life has felt really crazy for me lately. These are supposed to be “the dog days of summer.” Right?  But for some reason, whenever I look at my calendar on my phone, all I see are a bunch of grey dots — with meetings, appointments and phone calls — literally every day until the end of August has a grey dot on it. :/ What’s more, I never feel like I’m caught up on my email… let’s not even mention responding to instagram comments… and my texts…. oh lawwwddd… even my texts go unanswered for hours now.

It’s horrible. I’m trying to be better.  I really am.

And I’m not complaining  – I DO like having a lot going on, but sometimes I need to remember to catch my breath… and to stop and smell the roses. 🙂

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I think we all go through times where we feel a little overwhelmed. Because of the internet and social media, we’re moving a million miles an hour, we’re constantly plugged in, and we’re always available. Don’t get me wrong. Part of me loves this accessibility. I love being able to chat with my blogger friends at a moment’s notice via snapchat. I love being able to respond to our readers with thoughtful responses – all hours of the day – via email. And I LOVE being able to shop outfits via instagram with a simple like. <<< If you’re not signed up for <<< click there and do it now!!! But – there is also a part of me that loves setting my phone aside, and ignoring everything. Which explains the unanswered emails, Instagram comments, and texts that I mentioned above.

I guess I have internet/social media schizophrenia <<< is that a thing?!? 

Anyhow, now for a story. Last night, we were “having a night” at our house. <<< You know what I’m talking about. William was being extra needy, everything was making him upset, and he pretty much attached himself to my leg. Meanwhile, Joe needed to get work done and unpack from our trip to New York… I had a million things to do as well… but It was obvious that William needed my attention much more than my unanswered emails, texts and instagram comments. It was a night where I had no choice but to slow down and unplug. And you know what’s crazy? I still got everything done. I walked around with William, held his little hand, and he helped me – with everything – which never would have happened if my phone had been in hand. We cleaned the kitchen, we packed his lunch, we opened some packages for the blog, we made some tea. And wouldn’t you know? He talked more to me last night than ever before. He repeated everything I said to him, we had wonderful quality time together, and it was amazing.

As he was falling asleep in my arms, I thought to myself, “There’s nothing better than this, everything else can wait.” For me, that’s the truth. It’s funny how unplugging for a couple of hours helped remind me of that. As I sat in bed last night – and ironically enough – instagrammed about my day… I couldn’t help but smile. This life is SO incredibly beautiful – we just have to slow down, unplug, and smell the roses once in a while.

Here are some of my favorite ways to slow down and unplug— I’d love to know — what are yours?

Emily’s 5 Favorite Ways to Relax:

1.) Have a cup of tea – Personally, I chug coffee all day long, so for some reason, having a really nice – caffeine free – cup of tea at the end of the day is something I savor. I am obsessed with Davidson’s Teas – and fun fact… they’re from Reno!!! Their Wild Strawberry Tea and African Rooibos Tea are two of my absolute favorites! (I’ve linked to them below) 🙂

2.) Write down 3 things I’m thankful for on that given day– my friend Kristin practices this with her son, and it’s something I’ve started doing myself. It’s amazing how much it puts you in a positive mindset.

3.) Be mindful of my breathing – and smile – while taking slow deep breaths – It is literally impossible to be stressed if you do this.

4.) Play with William –  When I’m playing with William – nothing else in the world matters. Children don’t know anything other than “being in the moment”… they help us do the same.

5.) Light a candle and put on a face mask – No matter what kind of mood I’m in, lighting a candle always sets me at ease. Add in an indulgent face mask – you can’t help but relax.

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Shop more of my favorite maxis and helpful relaxation products below and don’t forget Loves, stop and smell the roses… you deserve it! XooX

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