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Summer Escape with The White Company

Thank you to The White Company for sponsoring this post.

Well, I guess it’s finally time to reveal the big news! I quit my job! I don’t know why it took me so long to tell you guys, but I am really excited to share this big announcement! With all these changes, I really needed to find a way to adjust to a new work style and really – a new lifestyle in general.

For those of you that didn’t know, I was a high school English teacher for the past four years. It was very bittersweet to leave a job I loved so much, but luckily, I can always go back. Now that I’m officially working from home, I have to be honest with you guys… it’s hard.

After trying a few different things to assist with productivity and alertness, I finally found some things and a routine that’s worked for me.

I usually try to work out in the morning, that way it forces me to get out of bed. I come home, shower, light a candle (it smells delicious and helps calm me down – I’ve been burning this one) and make some food before I sit down to do my bulk of work for the day.

The first week, I couldn’t stay awake. I was taking multiple naps a day, and sometimes not leaving the house until 4 PM. I’m not going to lie, this made me a little nervous.

Then I ran into the problem of not being able to STOP working. When I was teaching, I would wake up early, blog for an hour before I had to get up and keep working well after midnight. I found myself doing this same thing at home. But that was WHY I quit in the first place. I needed some sense of balance and an escape.

In the evenings, I’ve really found that getting dressed, putting on a little makeup and heading to the beach to sit by the pier, or going to meet friends for dinner works wonders. I’ve been shooting here a lot lately. I like to just come for a walk, to listen to my podcasts, or to watch the sun set. It’s the perfect antidote for cabin fever!

People always say: “You have to get dressed when you work from home.” But I think it’s the opposite — for me, getting dressed at the end of the day gives me something to look forward to! A new brand I discovered recently, The White Company, has become a bit of a go-to destination for my new lifestyle. I have been wearing this sweater non stop, I love it! It’s light and perfect for summer and it goes with literally everything. I’ve been wearing it with leggings and sneakers too! This adorable grey bag just screams “summer” to me — I wear it crossbody or top handle, it is just so versatile! It looks small, but it fits a lot — I know this because I put my post-workout banana in it every day!

Lastly, I need to talk about these shoes. They are soooo comfortable, and well made. You can tell within seconds of putting them on. They are also incredibly durable — I wore them on the beach and they got wet and dirty, but dried completely clean and looking brand new! The White Company is a British retailer that’s just opened its first store in the US, and has everything at your disposal – clothing, lovely housewares, skincare, items for the bath and body. The perfect place to find little luxuries that help make the most of life’s simple pleasures and accessories that aid in adulting 🙂

So if you’re looking for your own summer escape — look no further than The White Company!



Ashley from Two Peas in a Prada shares her summer escape from working from home with The White Company.

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