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Teacher Gift Guide 2019


Teacher Gift Guide 2019

I’m sorry I am just now getting this up, but as promised here is my gift guide for the teacher. If you’re new here, I was a teacher for 4 years before I quit to blog full time. Let me be frank — the best part of being a teacher is Christmas break. It’s a time to relax, unwind, rest, and enjoy the silence.

Teacher Gift Guide 2019

I got tons of gifts — they were all sweet, but I liked some more than others. I would have loved all of these things when I was a teacher. Want to know what I did not love? Chocolate, cookies, baked goods. Honestly, I would rather not have the temptation.

Anything having to do with self-care and relaxing is most appreciated. Anything from cozy socks or eye masks to essential oils and a diffuser. To me, this always showed that my students and their families respected all the hard work we put in!

The district I worked at had limited resources, so I always appreciated extra supplies or things for the classroom (books, notebooks, my favorite pens, highlighters, whiteboard markers, etc.). This planner saved me so many times — I still use it today! I also LOVE these lens wipes.

Another thing teachers love — coffee. I can’t reiterate this enough — COFFEE!!! It’s hard to come by at a school, so I love this instant coffee. It tastes good, is packed with superfoods, and you can make with just hot water. How do you get hot water in a classroom? An electric kettle of course. I’m telling you – this will save their life! Mugs are also an amazing gift – and I love this Yeti because it has a lid and keeps it hot! This custom mug is super cute and since it’s personalized it seems extra thoughtful.

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