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The Best Of 2015


The Best Of 2015

2015 was such an amazing year for both of us here at Two Peas in a Prada. We celebrated our One Year Anniversary, Emily gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy, Ashley finished up her second masters program and we made some amazing memories with friends, old and new, along the way. We thought the best way to say goodbye to 2015 was to round up our favorite posts that we did this year. Looking back on all of them was such a great way to reflect on the triumphs and tribulations that came along with blogging. We hope you enjoyed this year as much as we did… see you in 2016!

Ashley’s Picks

 || I am still just as obsessed with this dress (and the view) as the day we shot this ||
 || This post was so much fun- the outfit and the neighborhood were perf ||
 || This was definitely the hardest post I’ve ever written- but the most rewarding. I’m more addicted to Barry’s than ever & Alvin is still my #1 ||
|| I loved this outfit so much- we almost didn’t shoot this, but I’m so glad we did ||

 || How could I not choose this post– just look at that view ||

|| I am so happy I have this post to look back on when I want to reminisce about the amazing night I saw Fleetwood Mac with my parents ||
 || I love this post so much- mostly because it captured me in my element.. at a winery with two of my best friends ||
 || Shooting in SoHo… talk about a dream come true  ||
 || This post perfectly encapsulated my love for San Francisco || 

 || This last minute (post-cocktails) location was just so great. I still can’t stop wearing that vest ||

Emily’s Picks

|| 7 and a half months pregnant here – so crazy || 
|| This was one of my favorite posts ever – I meant every word ||
|| I get more emails about this post than any other. If you’re pregnant or know someone who is – feel free to send it on! This one here as well. ||
|| I cannot believe how much has changed since this post – but this recipe is a must have! || 
|| This was the last post I wrote before William was born – it seems like a lifetime ago. ||
|| I had to include William’s Birth story – hands down my favorite post of 2015 ||
|| The beach-y, cool, vibe of this post made it an absolute favorite – obsessed with this one as well ||
|| This dress was my favorite of 2015 ||
|| This post gives me all the feels || 
|| I love these memories – and I’m still obsessed with flared denim ||
|| The best cocktail recipe  also love this recipe post as well ||
|| Because everyone loves a good rant ||
|| This post and this post from our San Francisco adventure are two of my favorite street style outfits ||
|| And last but not least – this post and this post to round out the year || 

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