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The Best Toys for Babies


The Best Toys for Babies

A while ago, I shared a list of my latest Amazon favorites and finds which included a small handful of newborn toys. I’ve already started buying our little girl things to play with because I have a better understanding of what they enjoy the most based on age and development. They say the second kid is easier, and I’m starting to believe that already! I’m feeling much more confident this time around especially in terms of what toys are best and what are a waste, so here’s my list of baby toys I’ve collected so far for #2! 

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The Best Toys for Babies


Bunny Sorting Bus


Baby Joe still loves this to this day! It was so fun watching him use it in different ways as he got a little older!!! 

Bunny Stacker


This has been a hit in our household from day 1! Not only does it look gorgeous on your shelf, but it helps so much with fine motor skills! 

Mushie Stacking Cups


Obviously, the first thing that drew me to these was the color, but the benefits are so amazing as well. Not only do they help with fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, but they work in the bath, at a restaurant etc so they are such a good toy to have on hand!


Crinkle Tiger


The cutest little crinkle toy for the near future! Wimmer-Ferguson is the original innovator of black and white developmental toys, and this little tiger encourages eye-hand coordination, gross motor activity, self-awareness, sense of object permanence and experience with cause and effect.


Tummy Time Koala


How cute are these koalas to keep your baby company during the dreaded tummy time?! The book stands up on its own and has two different sides with two different developmental stages depending on where they are!


Llama Soft Book


I couldn’t resist grabbing this soft Llama-themed book to have ready for Baby Girl. It comes with all the tummy time necessities—a squeaker, a mirror, crinkles, and more! It’s just so adorable and happy.

Crinkle Newspaper



This baby newspaper makes me LOL. The “articles” are actually pretty informative for parents, and the toy itself is stuffed with crinkles so your baby will be mesmerized while looking like they’re the smartest kid on the block! So cute. I hope she loves reading just like mama!


Rattle Set



This time, I plan to be fully prepared for teething! You can never have too many rattles or teething toys, and this adorable set comes with 8 pieces. I love all the shapes, too like a seahorse, a fish, and a submarine!


Water Mat



How genius is this for a tummy time toy?! Your little one will work on their neck and shoulder strength all while being super stimulated by all the creatures of the sea who come to life with just a little bit of tap water! 


High Contrast Mirror



You really can never be too prepared for tummy time tricks, so I also recently ordered this high contrast mirror that is chock full of sensory bits and bobs and also folds up so nicely so you can bring it with you wherever you’re going!





Babies love to pull at whatever they can when they discover the concept of grasping, and this adorable, super soft lamb from Taggies has all the tiny tags to keep their tiny fingers preoccupied! The head and body are stuffed with just enough beans to make it soft and easy for your baby to grip, too.


Wooden Grasper



This is an old school toy that I love for babies. The wooden balls are made from polyester/rubber elastic, and specifically designed for tiny hands to grasp, pull, twist, and rattle. This wooden grasper encourages babies to experience the tactile world around them while engaging their gross motor skills.


Activity Cube


So. Many. Activities! This cube comes with 4 light-up buttons that introduce animal names, animal sounds, and shapes. The shape of the cube itself encourages babies to sit up and play, too! There are 25 playful songs and melodies within this activity cube, so your baby will be totally mesmerized!  Emily suggested this to me as Baby Joe was just learning to sit up and it was so helpful!


Noah’s Ark Wooden Set


The whole gang is here! I love this Noah’s Ark wooden toy set from PB Kids so much. The set comes with a bunch of different animals (two of each, of course), Noah and his co-captain, and can be pulled by your little one!


Neutral Blocks



These double as lovely baby room decor and actual playing blocks for your baby! Little Joe loved messing around with blocks, and I know she will too.


Watercolor Sensory Blocks


This set of blocks is all about mixing, matching, and exploring what each cube contains! Your little one will find a wooden ball, plastic beads, a kaleidoscope lens, a mirror and get to run their tiny fingers over felt material. This is the type of toy that will keep them engaged and interested, and doubles as very sweet room decor when they’re not being used!


Key Rattle


Let them pretend they have their own set of keys to the car and rattle hers to her heart’s content!


Plush Stacker



What’s better than one super soft plush toy? How about four in a stack?! These small animal plush stackers are adorable and so fun. Each has a different rattler in its head, and the bunny and elephant have that crinkle paper in their ears, so your baby is going to love listening and feeling these soft sweethearts. 


Foam Play Mat


Your carpet may not be up to snuff or you may not even have carpet where it’s needed, so this double-sided play mat with memory foam is ideal for your baby to sit on while they play. Plus, one side features a great geometric pattern and the other an interactive play map! You can also use this outside, just don’t leave it out there in the sun!


Lovevery Play Gym


Every newborn needs a  play gym, and I love this one from LOVEVERY. So many materials and colors to explore, plus mirrors, faces, and teething rings! Setup and takedown of this play gym requires no effort, either. I already have mine waiting for Baby Girl in her nursery and can’t wait to party with her on it!

Reno blogger, Ashley Zeal Hurd, from the Ashley and Emily blog shares The Best Toys for Babies - everything she bought for baby girl! Reno blogger, Ashley Zeal Hurd, from the Ashley and Emily blog shares The Best Toys for Babies - everything she bought for baby girl!

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