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The Dress You Need For Fall


The Dress You Need For Fall

It is finally feeling like fall around here; the air is crisp, the leaves are changing, and I finally convinced my husband to turn on the heat. To me that means sweaters, scarves, and as you can tell… pumpkin patches and plaid shirt-dresses.

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When my husband and I decided to take William to the pumpkin patch, we never could have imagined the hilarity that would ensue. As we entered the pumpkin patch, William became extremely serious – there was so much to look at! But the second we set foot amongst the pumpkins, and set him down so he could touch them – he started having the time of his life. He was smiling ear to ear and laughing as we rolled the pumpkins around, trying to find “the perfect one”. We picked a very small “William sized” one out for him – and as with everything these days, he put it straight into his mouth. Needless to say, it was claimed as ours.

After the pumpkin patch, we went out to dinner with my mom. At the table, every time we tried to take the pumpkin away, William’s eyes would get big, and his lower lip would shake – like he was going to start to cry. So we went to the bathroom, washed the pumpkin, and he happily sat there playing with it all night long. Who knew… the best toy you can get your child is a $1 pumpkin?

Now to the dress… I got this dress a couple of years ago as the perfect outfit to wear for preparing Thanksgiving dinner. It was easy, comfortable, and I didn’t care if I got anything on it, because I could just throw it in the wash afterward. In short, it has become one of my favorite fall dresses. What’s more, fast forward to this October… it seems that plaid shirt-dresses are everywhere! If you don’t have one yet, get one… they go perfectly with booties and a vest (as you can see in this post) and they pair perfectly with jeans and knee-high boots as well.

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    1. Thank you Julia- this dress truly is all of those things! We both use Canon EOS Rebels – but the lens is really what makes all the difference. We're no photography experts, but we both love our 50mm f/1.4 lenses. Hope this helps!

    2. This does help, thanks so much! I have been looking for a good camera for the holidays coming up but it is so hard to know where to begin. Which model in the Rebel family do you all use?

  1. Your little guy is such a cutie! I love the random "toys" that become so useful. My daughter went through a phase of wanting to take socks with her everywhere. We had like 5 socks with us at all times, and she'd pair them differently and ball them up. It was the easiest toy to have. Happy Fall!


    1. Hi Katie! Thank you so much. And it is so true – it's the random boxes, kitchen utensils, socks and pumpkins that they seem to like the most. We could spend all the money in the world on "Baby Einstein" toys and they'd still like these better. 🙂 Your daughter's sock idea is a great one!

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