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The Easiest – Make Ahead – Breakfast Burritos

After I had William, many of our friends and family members stopped by with groceries, homemade dinners, even protein cookies to help Joe and I get by in those first couple of weeks. These meals and snacks were a godsend… I truly don’t know what we would have done without them. During this time, two of my girlfriends, Kristin and Vaungaylyn, brought me platters of homemade breakfast burritos. That is where the inspiration for this recipe came from. Those breakfast burritos got me through so many mornings after having William, and many nights I’d warm one up for dinner as well.

What do I love about these breakfast burritos? Literally everything. They’re easy to make, they’re healthy, and they’re delicious. I also love that you can make any variety you choose… egg whites, turkey bacon, sausage… you really can use whatever you please. What’s more… they’re the perfect way to make breakfast for a crowd, you can make them ahead of time, and you can keep them in the freezer for up to 6 months. <<< How awesome is that?

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Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos


  • Eggs ( I like to use at least 2 eggs per burrito – so for 12 burritos, I use 24 eggs)… for a lighter burrito I use egg whites.
  • Bacon, sausage, ground turkey, ham  <<< really whatever breakfast meat you choose
  • Cheese <<< you can use whatever cheese you like
  • Olive Oil <<< I love Pasolivo’s California Blend
  • Sauteed Veggies <<< again, whatever veggies you choose
  • Large flour tortillas

SO let’s get down to how you make them. FYI – For these specific burritos I used: breakfast potatoes, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, and cheddar cheese… but you can use whatever ingredients you want.  First, I prep everything ahead of time. I sauteed the onions and peppers in my favorite Pasolivo olive oil, then I cooked my bacon in the oven on a sheet pan – 30-40 minutes at 375 degrees and it made the process super fast… and then I scrambled two dozen eggs.

Next… is my favorite part… I made my assembly line.

  • I assembled the burritos – eggs, bacon, cheese, potatoes and folded them into a burrito shape…
  • Then I placed them in my trusty panini maker for two minutes…

And Voila! You have the easiest – make ahead – breakfast burritos. To bring them to friends, or to freeze them, I wrap them all separately in tinfoil and place them directly in the freezer. To warm them up, unwrap them, place them on a cookie sheet, and pop them in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 -45 minutes. Also, for ease – you can put them in the fridge the night before and just microwave them for 3-5 minutes depending on your microwave.

I like to serve mine with avocado, salsa, and sour cream… but really it’s up to you! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do – and be sure to let me know if you decide to make them! XooX


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  1. 1. I (big, questioning emphasis here!) inspired YOU?!?!!?
    2. I (big emphasis again) am in the same league as Kristin!?!?
    3. I (again…) helped YOU survive!?!?!

    I mean…I’m blushing.

    I’m sitting here with my sister-in-law who brought these to ME with baby 1. You’re right–a godsend. Thus, this has been my go-to for all new mama friends. I’m so glad you found them to be helpful…although I know mine weren’t that pretty! xo

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