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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Over the years, my husband has had a pretty horrible track record when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts.

Take the first year we were together. He got me a dutch oven. Now – to his credit – it was a very pretty, very red – Le Cruset – dutch oven. But still. It was a DUTCH OVEN. Not exactly the romantic gesture I was expecting on our first Valentine’s Day together. His explanation was priceless, “Well, babe, you really like cooking.”

“I also really like diamonds… Chanel purses… and Jimmy Choos. What’s your point?”

OK — I kid, I kid. But you have to set the precedence somewhere – and setting it at a Dutch Oven was just Not.Going.To.Happen. So the next year he went the opposite route and got me this huge bouquet of hydrangeas. My favorite. It was incredibly thoughtful, but I knew he spent a small fortune — and to know that I could have made the same thing out of beautiful Costco blooms, for just $30, well… it made my skin crawl. To add insult to injury, the flowers died the next day. That florist should have read my post >>> here.

Anyhow, to my husband’s credit, it’s not that he’s bad at giving gifts. It’s just that I am horrible at receiving them. Gifts aren’t my thing. I’d much rather spend time together, so now, we have come to the understanding that Valentine’s Day, for us, means chocolate, champagne, and quality time.

So when Harry&David asked us to try their chocolate covered strawberries, we were all in. I mean, there’s really nothing that screams Valentine’s Day more. They ship the next day, they come with little ice packs to ensure freshness, they’re beautiful – totally instagram worthy, and they’re absolutely delicious. Plus – I promise, no one has ever gotten a box of chocolate covered strawberries and been mad about it. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift – for everyone really – look no further. These  are perfect for Valentine’s Day and these are really cute if you know someone who prefers white chocolate. My personal favorites are >>> these. LIKE OMG GOOD. 

PS: Guys – you can thank us now. 🙂

Also, Harry & David is holding their #giftcharming giveaway >>> here. The giveaway runs from 2/9 to 2/21 and there will be a $50 gift card winner every day – and 3 grand prize winners – who will win  $500 each in Harry & David gift cards. It takes 30 seconds to sign up – all you have to do is enter your contact info! XooX

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Unfortunately the clutch in this post is sold out, but the brand is Deux Lux and a similar one is available at ShopBop. XooX!

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