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The Shoes I’m Loving Most Right Now

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As you all know, I am definitely a homebody. My happiest moments are spent in my robe and my slippers – cuddling my sweet little family.

That being said, shoes that make me feel like I’m in my robe and slippers are are something I seek to find, not only for myself, but for my children as well! Thankfully it’s a little easier for them than it is for me.

Enter Robeez.

Robeez are amazingly soft, leather bottomed children’s shoes. I love them for William and for David… I just wish they made them in my size as well.

First let’s start with the fact that Robeez was started by a mom looking for a better shoe option for her children. Swoon. You know how we love female entrepreneurs around here. Fast forward to today, Robeez is one of the most well known leather shoe brands for children. How is that for an amazing girl power story?

Now let’s talk about the shoes themselves. The shoes are made with flexible, soft, leather soles that are perfect for infants and toddlers alike. When William started to walk, we loved putting him in these because it allowed him to be protected from the ground, but to still feel what was underneath his feet. Kind of a metaphor for good parenting if you ask me. He still affectionately calls them his “soff toos” aka soft shoes. 🙂

As you can see in these photos, even though he’s two, William still loves his Robeez. I love that that Robeez range in sizes from newborn to toddler because I get to dress both boys in the same shoes. << I love it when they match! William also loves pointing out that his shoes are “bigger but same” as baby David’s. <<< I was cracking up at this one.

Another reason I love Robeez SO much is that, unlike many other leather moccasin brands for kids, Robeez has kept their price point low. With how fast these kids grow, for me, affordability is a must. A pair of Robeez costs around $30 – which is half of what I’ve seen for similar shoes. The boys have these and these << (so amazing as slippers in the colder months), but I am so excited to scoop these navy ones up for summer!

As usual, Zappos has THE most amazing selection of Robeez , and their customer service, fast shipping, and easy return policy has me headed there to shop over and over

I hope you love Robeez just as much as we do in our family! XooX

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