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Wedding Planning Update and Q & A


Wedding Planning Update and Q & A

San Francisco blogger, Ashley Zeal, from Two Peas in a Prada shares a wedding planning update. including venue, planner, stress level and more!

While Joe and I were home for Christmas, we realized our wedding was just four months away. Holy Shit! We better get to finalizing stuff. It’s coming up so quick! I know I haven’t shared a ton of the planning process on here, but the truth is — because we haven’t done a lot yet. But we are in wedding mode and finally checking a ton of stuff off of our to-do list. You guys submitted a ton of amazing ideas over on our Instagram, and I am going to answer all those questions here today!

Wedding Planning Update:

Can you share your save the date?

Of course! We actually did a whole post on them here. We got them from Minted – and are getting our invitations there as well!

How are you keeping the arguments to a minimum?

We actually aren’t arguing that much. Especially about details — it’s more arguing about finding the time where we can sit down and cross things off the list! The only thing we have disagreed on so far was having seat assignments — Joe won that one and we will be having assigned seats.

What is your date?

Our ceremony is April 25th and our reception is April 27th.

Tell us more about your dress shopping experience. 

Yes – I will share more on this soon because it was honestly a really bad experience – but it was totally my fault and I wish I could go back and change it.

Band or DJ – I’m having trouble deciding. 

DJ for sure. A band wasn’t even an option for us. We are very particular and specific about our music. Nothing against bands — it’s just not our style at all.

How many venues did you visit before finding the perfect one?

We went with the first one! Well, we always knew where we wanted to do it. It’s at Levi’s Stadium in our sideline club- so it’s a place we go all the time!

Do you have a budget?

Of course. But even if I didn’t we wouldn’t spend a ton! I think the cost of weddings is so crazy, and just something that I don’t agree with. But of course, there are certain things I spent a lot on, that some other people would probably think is crazy – so to each their own. I just knew the aspects that were important to me: aka my outfit and hotels.

What are you most excited about?

I am just so excited to be there and have all the stress behind us and just to celebrate with everyone we love. And then of course, the honeymoon.

What’s your color scheme?

Our color scheme is gold, taupe with some marble accents!

What has been the hardest part of planning?

Finding the time to actually do it for sure. And making the actual decisions.

Will you stay in San Francisco once married?

That’s the plan. But who knows for how long. I definitely don’t wait to raise a family here so we’ll see.

What has been Joe’s favorite part of the planning?

We have our tasting tomorrow — so maybe that! But we had a ton of fun making our playlist.

Who is your planner? Dying to know!

We went with Amazae Events — she came highly recommended by one of my best friends who has used her for a ton of events.

What we didn’t expect when we started

Honestly, I knew it would be overwhelming and stressful, but I didn’t really understad the gravity of that situation. I just don’t handle stress well in general.

Stress level?

What a perfectly timed questions. It’s not good — but hopefully after tomorrow things will be better!

Wedding day timeline?

So we are doing our ceremony on Thursday morning, then having lunch with our families. Then Joe and I will just hang out and try to relax a little bit before we head down to Santa Clara on Friday. We actually are planning on watching the NFL Draft, lol. Then Friday night we have a very chill little welcome party planned and then the big reception on Saturday!

Budgeting! How are you keeping track of costs? What are you cutting back on?

Luckily, my planner is doing all of this! I definitely don’t want to spend a TON of money on flowers — it just seems so wasteful and I think there are some different ways to decorate. I am also still on the fence about a videographer.

How am I feeling during the planning?

Depends on the day — I normally put everything off and then one day I just have a meltdown, but that’s how I do everything in life.

Tell me about the decor!

It is very ME. Modern, fresh and not traditional!

How did I look for outfit inspo?

I found my outfit on Pinterest and then somehow tracked it down!

What non-traditional things do you have planned?

We are thinking of doing a phone free reception– very controversial I know. But I just want all the sneak peeks and details to kind of come out on my terms. I just want everyone to have fun and not think about it.

Cute items for the newly engaged?

I have a ring holder in every room! These have been a game changer.

What honeymoon destinations do you recommend?

We are doing Bali! Still have a few details to nail down, but we are almost done planning this.

What are little details that people tend to forget about until the 11th hour?

I will keep you posted on this — I am sure we will forget something, lol!

Bachelorette and Bridal Shower plans?

Not doing either — I’m weird I know. They just seem unnecessary.

How am I staying organized?

My planner is a godsend — because I am really not organized, especially when it comes to stuff like this.

Tell us about your bridesmaid dresses?

We aren’t having a bridal party. More on that here.

Extra skincare plans leading up to the big day?

Working on this plan with SkinSpirit right now! I will keep you posted.

What are your favorite registry items?

We actually just finished registering and will be sharing an entire post on this next week!

What personalized touches will you be including? Monogram like Emily? Guest book?

We haven’t really decided any of this stuff yet! If you have any good guest book ideas — let us know!

How are you planning a wedding in the bay area?

Crying a lot, haha. No, but seriously. It’s hard and expensive. Just choose the parts that are the most important for you. People will have fun no matter what!

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