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Weekend Uniform & JOMO


Weekend Uniform & JOMO

Like Emily said yesterday, this time of year is all about transitional pieces, one day you’re fine wearing jean shorts, the next it’s pouring rain and you’re wearing Uggs. Ok, maybe I’m the only one who still wears Uggs. Because of this, I like to have a good blend of pieces I can switch back and forth. A sweater that can go with shorts or jeans, jean shorts I can pair with a flannel, or a sweater. Plus, a bag that can go from day to night effortlessly is a major key.

When I’m not working, or blogging (which is pretty much never), I am usually out walking around, running errands or just hanging out at home with Joe & my laptop. My idea of a perfect weekend day is Barry’s, brunch, cleaning and organizing my house, and lots of walking around the city or the beach. I used to have so much FOMO when my friends were out drinking and going to clubs and afterparties. But now I am all about the JOMO — joy of missing out. I have always been the homebody type and am truly the happiest on Friday or Saturday nights just chilling on my couch with a book or catching up on shows. My happy place is underneath a blanket with lots of candles lit (my favorite ones here and here).

One of my friends and I were talking this week about how the worst kind of weekend is one where you feel you have no downtime for yourself to actually rest and recover from the hectic week.Because of my laid back attitude and need to have my weekends be “chill,” I really enjoy having a uniform of sorts. Something that I can throw on and not have to think too much about. For me, that’s flip flops, jeans or jean shorts, and a t-shirt or pullover. When I have no reason to dress up, I really enjoy dressing down. If I am out running errands or grabbing coffee with the girls, you won’t see me in heels or anything too over the top.I have been on the hunt for the perfect jean shorts. And it’s harder than it sounds. The One Teaspoon ones look like a diaper on me, the Target ones aren’t stretchy enough, others are too expensive…blah  blah blah. Well, then I found these amazing little Old Navy ones. And they are $25. I will seriously never wear another brand.  They are comfy, stretchy, and don’t cut off your circulation when you’re sitting in a car (you KNOW what I’m talking about).

**Photography by Don Miguel Luis.

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