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What I Wore To Wow My Husband

Kamalikulture, Jumpsuit, Two peas in a prada jumpsuit, navy jumpsuit, summer fashion, emily wieczorek

|| KamaliKulture Jumpsuit ||

|| Thank you to Zappos for sponsoring this post ||

I am a creature of habit – pretty much when it comes to EVERYTHING in life.

My daily work schedule is extremely regimented. I like my afternoon appointments set on a recurring basis. My husband even complains that I try to eat the same thing for dinner every night. And I do. For sure. (Kale salad with salmon anyone?!!?)

I just really like consistency.

That being said, when it comes to fashion, I fall into that same trap. As much as I hate to admit it, I get into a routine and I just stick with it. I throw on the same jeans, t-shirt, and blazer most days when I head to the office. 5am is just sooo early sometimes you guys!

But anyhow, when I do go out and get dressed up, I really like to pull out all the stops. Recently my husband and I have been trying to get back into “dating” one another. Life has been super hectic with the addition of a second baby and the adult time is invaluable for us. Anyhow – that’s for another post…. BUT I wanted to find something that would really wow him  – and this jumpsuit caught my eye immediately. I saw it and I fell in love.

It’s SOOO good. Right?

And  you know what? My husband was obsessed with it as well! To me, there is something very powerful and sexy about this jumpsuit. Maybe it’s the lightly padded shoulders, or the military inspired cuffs on the sleeves… I don’t know. But whatever it is, it just works. The fact that even my husband thought so too – that makes it a real winner.

Funny story. When I ordered this jumpsuit, I thought it was black. However, much to my pleasant surprise, when I opened it, it was navy. Navy and summer just go hand in hand in my book. Not to mention, it’s one of those universally flattering colors – it literally looks good on everyone. Especially in the summer. In my opinon, there is nothing more classic than navy, gold accessories and a tan. THAT is how I’m going to wear this jumpsuit this summer.

ALSO… Let’s talk about the legs. The wide cut legs give this jumpsuit some MAJOR movement when you walk <<< and that… I LOVE. Even though I haven’t been hitting the gym – at all – this way the legs are cut on this jumpsuit made me look long and lean. <<< Something we all can get on board with! My husband even commented that it made me look SUPER tall! <<< Total SCORE!

Ok what’s next? I LOVE the plunging neckline. There’s nothing sexier than a “dangerous” neckline but other than that… being all covered up. It leaves a little something to the imagination. Really, that’s how all KamaliKulture pieces work. They’re sophisticated, yet sexy, and that makes it a brand that consistently works for me. If you’re not acquainted with KamaliKulture – get there. I love their pieces for work trips, traveling, and for date nights. And the piece de resistance… their pieces are machine washable. <<< I know… too good to be true!!!

I also have this ruffle sleeved shirt >>> here. You may have seen it on our instastories lately. It’s SO amazing, I can’t stop wearing it. I’ll be posting it on the blog soon… it is a must have for summer and you have to snatch it up! THOSE SLEEVES!

As many of you know – we’ve been partnering with Zappos to highlight some of our favorite brands lately, and this post wouldn’t be complete without reminding you why we love Zappos SOO much, and why you should too. Let’s start with the fact that Zappos has FREE 2 day shipping. As if that wasn’t enough, their returns department is fantastic, and their customer service is amazing. What’s more, they are a one stop shop for literally everything you need to complete any outfit. I know they’re well known for their shoes… but their clothes… GAH their clothes… they are SO good. I also am a huge fan of their reviews. More than any other website, I trust Zappos’ reviews and I always find reading them to be incredibly helpful and insightful.

So there you have it. My new favorite jumpsuit, from one of my favorite brands, from one of my favorite retailers. It doesn’t get any better than that.

*** Sizing note – I am wearing a size Small, and it runs true to size!

Kamalikulture, Jumpsuit, Two peas in a prada jumpsuit, navy jumpsuit, summer fashion, emily wieczorek

Kamalikulture, Jumpsuit, Two peas in a prada jumpsuit, navy jumpsuit, summer fashion, emily wieczorek

Kamalikulture, Jumpsuit, Two peas in a prada jumpsuit, navy jumpsuit, summer fashion, emily wieczorek


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