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What I’m Wearing To Bed


What I’m Wearing To Bed

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**Thank you Victoria’s Secret for sponsoring this post. While this post is sponsored by Victoria’s Secret all content and opinions expressed are my own.

I don’t know about you, but I really, really LOVE Valentine’s Day! There’s just something about a day dedicated to celebrating love that makes my heart especially happy.

Growing up, Valentine’s Day was always a big deal at my house. Not in the sense that you had to buy everyone something, or send a gazillion roses, but more in the — pink colored milk and pink pancakes before school — kind of way. My mom always made sure to celebrate this day with us, and in the little things she did, it showed my sister and I that we were very, very loved.
As we grew older, and my sister and I went off to college, my mom continued celebrating Valentine’s Day with us. Every year, she would send us Valentine’s Day gift packages. They always contained a Valentine’s Day mug filled with Hershey’s kisses, a set of Victoria’s Secret Valentine’s Day pajamas, and a Starbucks gift card. I loved receiving this special care package from my mom, (it was so incredibly thoughtful) and I always looked forward to having a new cute pair of PJs to wear around my apartment.
Fast forward 5 years… I still love Victoria’s Secret Valentine’s Day pajamas. Especially the ones that you see in the photos. First of all, I love the fabric – it’s light and it only gets better as you wash it. Secondly, I’m  a huge fan of the stripes… you know I love all things preppy, and these PJs really fit the bill. They’re classic, they’re chic, and in their own way – they’re really very sexy. Last but not least… I am absolutely obsessed with the color. The light pink blush is perfect for Valentine’s Day, and it is also ideal for spring. You get the picture — I’ll be wearing these PJs for many, many months to come.
This particular set comes in a bunch of different color combinations, as well as shorts, and even a sleep-shirt – so really, there’s something for everyone. And let’s not forget to mention the adorable little sleep mask that is included – could anything be more perfect?
They always say that mothers know best, and this Valentines Day, I’m taking a cue from mine. I’m gifting these PJ sets, a mug filled with kisses, and this lip gloss (<<< I’m seriously so obsessed) to a couple of my favorite people – just to let them know they’re extra extra loved. I think it’s a great idea, and I hope you do too! Just be sure to buy yourself a pair in the process – or to pass the link on to your hubby – they’re too good to pass up!
PS: Victoria’s Secret is offering 15 Off $100, $25 Off $150, and $50 off $250 with the code SPRING2016 – be sure to shop now while the sale lasts!

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