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2020 Gift Guide For Kids 2-7


2020 Gift Guide For Kids 2-7

This is one of our most asked for gift guides every year. Whenever I talk to my girlfriends who have kids of different ages, I always end up adding to it. So keep checking back as you shop throughout the season. There is something for everyone on here!

Ride On Toys: 

Our kids LOVE their ride on toys. These pack such a punch during the holidays and they are ALL on sale right now! I just ordered the pink jeep for Caroline. She has never had one of her own, so I know she is going to FREAK when she walks out to this on Christmas morning!

Garmin Vivofit Jr 3: 

Vívofit jr. 3 isn’t just a fitness tracker for kids. It’s an interactive experience where your child’s activity unlocks exciting Marvel Avengers app adventures. Parents can use the app to manage chores and give rewards to their little superhero. These watches also track steps, sleep and daily activity!

Cardboard Tool Kit:

Around the holidays, we all have so much extra cardboard laying around. This is a great and creative gift to put it to good use! Turn those accidental toys into a creative adventure with this cardboard construction tool kit. It includes a Safe-saw for cutting cardboard (but not cutting little fingers), 28 reusable plastic “Scrus” for fastening cardboard pieces together, and a Scru-Driver to install the fasteners. With these simple tools and a little imagination, kids can create creatures, vehicles, armor, and other small constructions from the corrugated cardboard that tends to pile up around the house.

Goodnight Stories For Rebel Girls:

I love the idea of this book. I will definitely be getting it for Caroline, even though she won’t appreciate it for a couple of years. Joan Jett loved rock ‘n’ roll. When she was 13 years old, she got her first guitar. And once there was a girl who loved school. Her name was Malala Yousafzai. Send your little one off to dreamland with the stories of these strong women and 98 others in this inspirational book.

Slime Kit:

All of our kids LOVE slime. Even though it always manages to end up in Caroline’s hair…. I always let them play with it. Anything gooey, slimy, and stretchy is 100% awesome. This slime kit has a set of 15 experiments to go along with it!

Financial Learning Ledger:

Something I am SUPER passionate about it financial literacy for kids. I really think it is a HUGE part in raising independent humans. That being said, pair this beginner financial ledger with some fun pens – and boom – you have an amazing, and empowering, gift for your older kiddos!

Kitchen Tools:

With this child-friendly, starter kitchen knife set, your little sous-chef can go beyond licking the cake spatula and start to learn real knife skills using proper and safe techniques. There’s a rounded-tip chef’s knife that’s about as wide as a standard one, but much shorter. The hand guard is molded into an arc, so kids can get in the habit of to tucking their fingertips during prep work. And there’s a finger ring on the Y-shaped vegetable peeler that teaches a more secure grip, allowing little ones to safely prep vegetables or create zucchini, cucumber and carrot ribbons that are as fun to eat as they are to make.

Dino Kit:

Build your own moving T. rex. or Triceratops with this easy, pop-together kit. Great for older kiddos, and I love that they can use their imaginations when they are done!

Root Beer Kit:

My best friends sons LOVE LOVE LOVE root beer. As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to get one for each of them! What a fun family activity – and then they can enjoy the root beer of their labors! Little foodies will love this kit that includes ingredients needed to brew up a fresh batch of root beer. The best part: the kit includes ingredients needed—sassafras extract, yeast, a funnel, labels and instructions—and it’s all natural (unlike a lot of store bought options).

Unicorn Cookie Baking Set :

Perhaps the only thing more magical than teaching little ones to bake cookies is teaching them to bake unicorn cookies. The Unicorn Baking Set makes it easy to create the most delicious treats, with everything at hand, including an apron with mitten pockets, five cookie cutters, two icing bags with tips, a recipe book, and a rolling pin uniquely designed to roll cookie dough to just the right thickness.

Scripture Cards:

If you have some Christian friends’ kids to shop for – I think these are such a great idea. These ABC flash cards teach you and your children easy-to-memorize Bible verses.  Includes 26 ABC Bible verse cards — printed on durable card stock.

Rosie Revere Engineer:

This was on our kids list last year and you all LOVED IT! This book is a New York Times bestselling picture book about pursuing one’s passion with persistence and learning to celebrate each failure on the road to achieving one’s dreams.

Pony Cycle:

PonyCycle product focuses on encouraging kids’ imagination and creativity. With PonyCycle toy, children could pretend to be a medieval knight, a western cowboy, an explorer who has just discovered a new continent near your neighborhood or even a wizard riding on a unicorn!

Fort Building Set:

This was pretty much all our kids did over quarantine. I highly recommend it! Strong, durable faux wood 22” x 22” connectable panels allow your child to build and rebuild structures in different shapes and sizes, providing hours of amusement and play

Soccer Goals:

These pop up goals have been on our list for two years now and we love how easy they are to pop up, pack, and store. As more and more states become more restrictive due to COVID, we all are going to have to find fun ways to get our kids outside in the winter months. Snow soccer anyone?!?!

Lip Gloss:

Little girls LOVE makeup. These no fuss lip glosses are amazing and Caroline loves being able to “get ready like mommy”. I love putting these and some lipsmackers in her stocking! We did it last year and she has been obsessed with them ever since. Literally anything that keeps her out of my makeup drawer. Yes. PLEASE!


Probably THE best purchase of the year – this is so much fun! You can set up movie nights just about anywhere. Kids get such a kick out of this!

Amazon Fire:

Our kids get minimal tablet time, we try to limit it to educational apps for the most part. BUT – we definitely believe there is a time and a place! We LOVE this tablet for that – and we also loved it for when we used to travel! Its on MEGA sale RN. 


The only way our kids have never drawn on our walls is this easel! We put a big roll of paper up top – one side is for drawing with markers or painting and they use chalk on the other!

Doll House:

I have been saying it for a year now — I need to buy this for Caroline. It is SO stunning and I know she would be OBSESSED. Now – how to get Charlie not to chew on it?

Cash Register:

I loved this toy as a kid – I remember how fun pressing the buttons was. I love it even more as an adult. It teaches your kids how to count and the different types of currency as well!

Chef Set:

Everything your little chef needs to feel like he or she is THE REAL DEAL! I love anything personalized and I LOVE that you can put their names on this! 


Kids can take care of their pretend DIY projects with some help from this toy wooden workbench and tool set. It’s stocked with a wooden play hammer, saw, wrench, screwdriver and ruler. Plus, there are hardware pieces and blocks that can be interlocked to make custom creations.


The classic game of SEQUENCE made just for kids! Play a card from your hand, and place your chip on the corresponding character on the board – the first with four chips in a row wins! Exciting strategy game helps develop logical thinking skills. Reading is not required to play. Targets kids ages 3-6, for 2-4 players


The boys are getting one of these for the holidays. I know they were all the rage last year, but they were too young for my comfort. This year, I know they are going to be OBSESSED.

Poloraid Camera:

I was gifted one of these a while back and ALL of our kids are OBSESSED! Be sure to grab extra film because they will go through it fast.

Kitchen Stool:

This kitchen step stool lets toddlers help in the kitchen – we are getting two for our home.

Gem Kit:

I used to love stuff like this as a kid – and I am still obsessed with crystals to this day. This is an awesome kit for the older kiddos!

Tea Party:

Caroline has one of these and ABSOLUTELY loves it! Truth be told, her brothers even love it. As it turns out, there is nothing kids love more than pouring water to and from different containers – so this is a surefire win every time!


All our kids LOVE Uggs – and these are so comfy cozy! They make such a great gift for Christmas morning!

Wood Castle Kit:

Turrets, arched doorways, fortress walls and rounded towers make for endless castle-making fun with this 150-piece building set that encourages creative play while helping small children develop hand-eye coordination and shape recognition.

Mask Kit:

Andy and Evan masks are just the best! We love them so much for our kiddos! These triple-layer masks give your child nose-to-chin coverage and feature fun color-in prints and fabric markers to make the masks totally their own.

Play Kitchen:

Our kiddos LOVE their play kitchen. This is one of those gifts that you have to be sure to assemble well in advance – they take hours to put together – but they pack the biggest punch on Christmas morning!

Doll Stroller:

Caroline has one of these and she loves playing baby doll with it! This fun polka dot stoller perfectly transports dolls and stuffed animals wherever your little one pleases!  Includes the stroller, linen, nursery bag, and canopy!

Roadway System:

This 42-piece roadway system fits together like a puzzle that can be changed again and again for countless configurations. Great for solo play or group teamwork, this set enhances creativity and problem-solving with each new design.

Montessori Letters:

This is SUCH a great way to teach your kids their letters. I wish I had known about this when William was in pre-k, but it will make such a great gift for David and Caroline this year! Educational and fun all in one!

Balance Board:

It can be a slide, seesaw, tunnel, boat, rocker, table, balancing board, stepping stone, racetrack, lounge chair, puppet, teeter popper, soccer goal or bridge, fitness equipment, endless possibilities of free and creative play.

Sensory Toy Bin:

Scoops, tongs and cups and pots simulate fine motor skills and sensory play. The perfect Montessori based plat toy for toddlers.

Musical Instruments:

1 tambourine, 1 castanet, 1 hand drum, 2 hand bells, 1 maracas, 1 flute, 1 wooden block with stick, 1 wood sounder with stick and 1 chime bar with stick, our toy instruments are a fun, hands-on way to introduce kids to music!

Table Set:

This is THE best kid’s table! We LOVE it and the kids do everything at it. They eat at it, play games at it, draw all over it. You know – they’re kids. We just use a magic eraser on it and everything comes off.

If you have something to add to my Gift Guide: For Kids 2-7 – PLEASE let me know! I love putting these together! As always, please feel free to share and pin this image! Be sure to check out our other gift guides too!





Wooden Cash Register






Fujifilm camera


Ride-on horse


Farmhouse kitchen 


Victorian dollhouse


Ugg slipper


Little helper knife set


Coloring face mask


Adjustable bean bag chair




Art easel


Doll stroller


Kitchen step stool





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