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The Weekly Tea With Ash&Em


The Weekly Tea With Ash&Em

Hey Everyone! Here is our Q&A from instagram from earlier in the week! You asked such good questions, we’re so sad we could only get to a handful of them. Maybe we will make this a weekly thing if you all love it. Also – we get asked a TON of questions every week in our DMS – so we figured we would put some of them here! This is just a general sampling! Time to spill the tea. XooX – Ash & Em

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New here….how do you two know one another?

Ashley: We met in sophomore year biology class. Emily was the new girl and had just moved to town from Connecticut. We bonded over the same lip plumper and that was that. We went to college together too! We truly just never wanted to separate from each other and here we are almost twenty years later.

How to plan a wedding?

Ashley: We have a whole post >>> HERE! This was written before Covid, so obviously some things have changed.

Emily: Don’t rush it. Especially right now with Covid, I see so many people getting married at courthouses and planning their dream weddings for later on… I just love that idea! Joe and I planned our wedding for over a year, and I was extremely thankful for that time. You can see our wedding post>>> HERE. I still love every memory of that day. That being said, there is a lot of stress that goes into planning a wedding, and I think it teaches you so much about your partner. It is also just SO fun. Also – try to set a budget and stick to your budget – your future self will thank you!

Tips on starting your own business?

Emily: Make sure you have a business plan. Figure out your legal structure, accountants, etc. This is so important. Figure out what makes your business different and what your “edge” or “niche” will be. We have a business of blogging post >>> HERE. It is super old, and probably needs a refresh!

Ashley: Just do it! I definitely think the hardest part is starting. I will also add BE PATIENT. Success doesn’t come overnight. I think if you really believe in something, then the long hours are totally worth it!  As Emily mentioned, having a foundation is important. We definitely didn’t have that in the beginning because we couldn’t have imagined it would turn into what it is today.

How did you know when to have your first baby?

Ashley: I personally don’t think you’re ever really ready! If you waited for the perfect time – you’d be waiting forever!  It was really hard for me because when we got married we were living in San Francisco, and we got pregnant on our honeymoon. I always knew that wasn’t where I wanted to raise a family, so three months later we moved back to Reno. It all happened very fast but we made it work!

Emily: I have always wanted to be a mom. Having a large family was and is the thing I want to do most with my life. That being said, I was ready the second we got married. If you don’t have that feeling, I know most people don’t, I will agree with Ash – I don’t think there is ever a “perfect” time. You could postpone having kids for decades if you play the “oh we have that trip planned” or “we have a wedding to attend next Fall”. There will always be something. So my opinion is – if your relationship is in a good place, and if you are financially ready – go for it.

How did you develop your style?

Emily: We have both always had very strong senses of style. Fun fact: we both won best dressed at our high school – Ash is a year older than me – so we like to say she “passed the torch”.  I grew up on the east coast and LOVE traditional, classic style. That style has evolved to more minimalist classic over time. Ashley has rubbed off on me though. Her style is very casual – and I have been living in matching sets and joggers thanks to her lately.

Ashley: I have always been about comfort. I don’t think there was one day in college that I wore jeans to class. It was a Juicy tracksuit every single day. It was right around then when Lululemon launched so then it was leggings every day – TBT to those Groove pants LOL. I’m not obsessed with dresses or heels so I rarely wear them – didn’t even wear a dress to my wedding! I went to every high school party in my boyfriend’s football sweats and my hair in a wet bun – that we called the spider. So yeah, I guess I’ve always just wanted to be comfortable and didn’t really care what people thought.

Ups and downs of marriage?

Emily: There will always be ups and downs, but I thank God that our marriage has many more ups than downs. It really starts with marrying the right person. Then I think the main thing is to always think the best of the other person. To always try and see their side. Lastly, I really think giving up the need to “be right” is the key to any happy marriage. If your relationship is always your top priority – not your ego – I’ve found that you can get through many of the small things. I also think that a strong foundation in faith always gets us through. I know that is personal, but for us, it works.

Ashley: Anyone who says there aren’t ups and downs in marriage is lying.  Lord knows we have gone through it. Emily has always given me the best advice “Never talk bad about your husband to other people.” Having a baby really made things harder for us – not even going to sugarcoat it, but it also made us both much more secure I think. If you go to bed every single night knowing you’re on the same team – then that’s all that matters. I think the struggles make your relationship stronger in the end.

Do you both have childcare?

Ashley: YES! There is no way I could do this on my own! I have part-time help right now, but she will be full time starting right before Christmas. I can’t wait!

Emily: William is in Kindergarten – but I have him at home on Fridays. David and Caroline are in full time preschool, and always have been.  Joe and I both work full time, and this is what works for us!

Is Emily taking a maternity leave?

Emily: Our jobs are really unique. Because it is our job to show our everyday lives, there really isn’t time for a traditional maternity leave at all. The nice part is that even though I’ll be on stories, we can decide how much work we want to take on – or not take on. FYI – I don’t take this for granted for an instant. My other three pregnancies, I literally went into labor at my desk, and had to return back to work after 8 weeks. Which is why David and Caroline have been in childcare since they were 8 weeks old. If you’re new here – I left my Corporate Bond Trading job after 10 years in the industry about 2 years ago. This pregnancy has been night and day for me, and I know my maternity leave will be too.

More Reno finds!

Ash & Em: You can see our whole Reno recommendation post >>> HERE.

Are you guys for in-person learning for the kids?

Emily: I am. All my kids are in in-person learning. If it can be done safely, I am 100% for it.

Ashley: Definitely. I know it’s so hard for everyone in education right now.  I was a teacher myself for four years, and maybe if I still was I would have a different opinion. But you can’t replicate a classroom environment.

How has your work changed during the pandemic?

Emily: Honestly, we’re busier than ever before. I think the pandemic has shifted a ton of consumer behavior to be much more mobile driven, and since that is what we do, we have gotten busier. We have to be better at time management, and we have had to bring on more team members – which are all great things.

Ashley:  It’s definitely hard not traveling or going to events which was such a huge part of my blogging life in San Francisco, but since I had Baby Joe right before Covid, I think that would have stopped either way.  So many more people are shopping online now – they’re just buying different things. I’ve always been a homebody, but like Em said, the time management is hard. Getting ready to go nowhere is hard but it’s everyone’s life right now so I’m just embracing it!

First-time dad stress management?

Emily: Joe didn’t really go through this – so I am probably a really bad person to ask. But I do think it is important that both of you take time for you individual interests even after your children are born. It keeps you strong as people and will help you be a better team in the end!

Ashley: Since I had an emergency C-Section, Joe really had no choice but to step up right away. I don’t even think I changed a diaper for the first two weeks. I was very lucky in this aspect. I wouldn’t have gotten through it without him. It’s really hard for me because I’m home with him all day and then Joe gets home from a ten hour workday and all I want to do is just have him take over but that’s not really fair – and I’m working on not expecting to be “off-duty” right when he gets home from work. A girlfriend once told me that it’s not 50/50 when it comes to kids – you both need to give 100% and that really stuck with me.

Favorite holiday and why?

Emily: Christmas. Hands down. I love the smells, the food, the decorations, the gifts, and more than anything… I love the why. I love getting to talk to my kids about the birth of Jesus. In fact – William and I just saw The Star yesterday.  A really great movie for kids about the birth of Jesus. FYI.

Ashley: I LOVE Christmas but I feel like that’s the easy answer. I am obsessed with 4th of July. There are few things I love as much as America, and celebrating our country just brings me so much joy.

Did you do pre-marital counseling?

Emily: We did not, but as with all therapy – I am TOTALLY for it.

Ashley: No, but we should have.

What are you making for Thanksgiving?

Emily: I have a full post coming up tomorrow with all my favorite recipes! Stay tuned!

Ashley: It’s our first time hosting this year. We are doing ham (DUH), and I ordered sides from Home Chef!

Do you still use the GloPro?

Ashley: Of course!!!

Did you ever get an offer on your house?

Emily: We did not, but thankfully it was all meant to be. There was no way I wanted to move in the middle of the holidays! Honestly – God always has a plan, and I know whatever is meant to be will be! I will keep you all posted though!


Link Requests:

Where did you get the sparkly gold trees and the white sticks in the brown vase?

The sparkly gold trees in Emily’s entry way are old from Hobby Lobby, but you can get similar ones > HERE. The white sticks in the brown vase are actually still available >>> HERE. The brown tortoise shell vase is available>>> HERE.

Robe you’re wearing?

We both have the same robe! Ash got it as a gift for me and I am obsessed. The colors are beautiful and the fabric is SO light and soft. We LOVE it!

What is Ashley’s exact coffee maker?

You can shop her exact coffee maker >>> HERE. This one is on MEGA SALE today >> HERE. We get asked all the time if we like the Nespresso or the Keurig more, and we think it really depends on the kind of coffee drinker you are. If you just like plain old drip coffee – the Keurig is for you. If you like espresso drinks – the Nespresso is for you. We both have both.

Emily’s white kid’s table?

This is THE best kid’s table! We LOVE it and the kids do everything at it. They eat at it, play games at it, draw all over it. You know – they’re kids. We just use a magic eraser on it and everything comes off.

Snow boot recs?

We LOVE these. We both have them. Emily picked up these last winter and they are perfect for a dressier snow boot. For kids >>>> THESE. Or these are very affordable >>> HERE.

Emily’s makeup brushes?

They are all linked >>> HERE. We know that the oval Artis brushes are expensive, but we haven’t been able to find anything else that compares.

Where are the fairy lights Emily showed in her Christmas decor hack?

The lights are linked >>> HERE. All of our favorite Christmas decor is linked >>> HERE. If you are looking for something Christmas wise it will be in that post!

Emily’s grey heathered joggers?

So many of you asked about these. They run a little bit big, so even though I am in my third trimester, I’m still in my normal size small. They are just THE most comfy joggers!

Link to Emily’s cross necklace?

A couple of you asked for the link to this so you could send it to your husbands for holiday gift ideas! We LOVE that! This one is a great dupe >>> HERE.

Where are Emily’s gold rings from?

We get asked this a ton. Emily’s gold rings are both Cartier. One is the Cartier trinity ring, the other is the Cartier triple stack with sapphires – it is a family piece – from 1995. If you don’t want to pay full price, you can grab great pre-loved Cartier pieces >>> HERE.

What is the tablet your kids use?  

Our kids get minimal tablet time, we try to limit it to educational apps for the most part. BUT – we definitely believe there is a time and a place! We LOVE this tablet for that – and we also loved it for when we used to travel! Its on MEGA sale RN. 

What app do you work out to?

We LOVE this one >>> HERE. Code: AE25 for 2 weeks free! We also both use the peloton app for running and walking classes on our treads.

What treadmills do you two have? 

Ash has the Peloton tread, Emily has the Freemotion i11.9.

Where is Ashley’s pampas grass from?

I have so much but THIS one is my favorite!

Can you share your new phone case again?

Yes! I just put it on last night and I love it!!!!I got the Impact Case in White Sand.

Your favorite leggings?

For workouts: these. For life: these.

Best postpartum pajamas?

Any of these cooling ones. The postpartum night sweats are no joke and these are nursing friendly!

Top three books so far this year?

Atomic Habits by James Clear.

The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell.

Open Book by Jessica Simpson.


Weekly Top Sellers

1.) Louboutin Boots –size up at least a half size in these! Size up a full size if you want to wear thick socks!

2.) Quilted Jacket

3.) Bread Maker

4.) Aesop Hand Soap– our bestselling hand soap year after year. WE LOVE THIS STUFF! We also found it on sale!

5.) Leather Puffer

6.) Tan Coat

7.) Theragun Mini – the perfect handheld percussion massager. Great for gifting. ON MEGA SALE!

8.) Grey Blazer – the perfect menswear blazer for winter!

9.) 2 in 1 Dress – this is THE best dress. Runs TTS and the colors are stunning!

10.) Le Creuset – still on mega SALE


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