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Ashley’s Amazon Favorites July 2019

San Francisco blogger Ashley Zeal from Two Peas in a Prada shares all the products that made her July Amazon favorites list.

Finally time for my July Amazon Favorites – a little later than usual, but we had so much going on at the beginning of the month! But I made sure they were GOOD, to make up for the fact that they were late. I have a full first trimester Amazon favorites going live next week – so stay tuned for that post too!

Shop July Amazon Favorites:

Celine Dupe Sunglasses:


These were on my favorites a few months ago too, but I still get DMs about them every single day.

Clear Bag for Events:


Bought this for a football game and never took it off.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides:


This is the item I order from Amazon time and time again.

Smart Sweets Variety Pack:


This pack has the new peach rings.

Natural Calm:


This was recommended to me by my doula for anxiety, and by you guys for my eye twitch.

White Tee:


This might be my favorite white tee of all time. The material is just so different!

Dry Shampoo Pack:


Another item I buy over and over again. I can’t imagine something worse than running out of dry shampoo! Out of all the expensive ones I’ve used over the years, I always come back to this one.

Microfiber Washcloths:


Emily convinced me to get these – and my makeup comes off so much better. I use 3 times before I wash!

Nugget Ice Maker:


I finally splurged on Prime day on this ice maker that has been in our carts for months. It was worth every single penny.

Scrunchie Set:


Because who doesn’t need 45 scrunchies. I wear these every single day. They are actually sturdy enough to get through a workout too – so I don’t have a ton of kinks in my hair when I’m done.



The only books I’ve been reading lately are pregnancy ones. Since I want the actual copy to fold down pages or highlight for things I want to go back to, I haven’t been using my kindle. This is a savior at night so I won’t keep Joe up!

Six Pack Athletic Socks:


I was running low on socks, so Amazon to the rescue! 6 pair for just $17.00

Pink 10 Foot iPhone Cord:


My extra long cable for my iPhone finally died, so I ordered this long pink one. I got the red for Joe!

Hint Water:


Baby LOVES hint water. I drink a whole one every morning with my prenatal and just chug them throughout the day.



I am not sure which oil or cream is the best for stretch marks but I have been loving this one because it’s less greasy than some of the others. We shall see if it works.

Ruched Bodycon Dress:


This dress is non-maternity but it works great with a bump. So easy to throw on with sneakers, or style it for fall with booties, a jean jacket and a hat.

Allergy Eyedrops:


Pregnancy congestion and itchy eyes are no joke. My allergies have magnified a crazy amount and these are the only eye drops that help the itching! So good to apply right before you do your makeup, too!

Back Scratchers:


I had these when I was a kid, and they are so nostalgic to me. Emily told me that everything will start to itch in a few months, so I am extra prepared.

Ice Roller:


With my crazy allergies comes puffiness and cheeks that just won’t go down. Bless this Ice Roller!



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