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Ashley’s Amazon Favorites March

San Francisco blogger, Ashley Zeal, from Two Peas in a Prada shares her Amazon Favorites March. Featuring her favorite straws, makeup sponges and more!


These are hands down our favorite posts to work on. It’s no secret we are both Amazon Addicts and today’s Amazon Favorites March is sure to not disappoint. These cross earrings are truly such a steal, and they came to be because a pair I was wearing was sold out but so many people asked me for the link. I did my best to find a similar pair, and of course, Amazon to the rescue! To shop this post, click on any item in the collage, or scroll down for a text link and widget!




Shop Amazon Favorites March:


Makeup Sponge Set



I actually bought these from Emily’s Amazon favorites and I love them! They are so soft and apply my foundation great. I use a different one for foundation and another one for blending! Such a good deal!

Memory Foam Slippers



Not your normal spring item, but it’s still pretty rainy and cold in the Bay Area. These are such good house shoes, and I am so glad I bought them. Most slippers can be pretty pricey but these are such a good deal and the memory foam is so cozy.

Travel Tumblers



With everything going on in my life lately, drinking water has been at the bottom of my list. I find if I use a tumbler at home when I’m working, I’m much more likely to drink water. I like that these are clear so I can see how much I am actually drinking. The canteen style water bottles kind of make me forget — sounds weird I know. Plus these are great for iced coffee on the go!

Cross Earrings



Best purchase ever! I have been wearing these earrings nonstop and always get compliments on them when I do. The price is insane, but they didn’t give me any kind of weird rash or sensitivity on my ears that some jewelry does!


SmartSweets Gummy Bears Fruity



Okay, so technically, these next two are the same product but there are two flavors, and I couldn’t pick just one to feature so I broke them up. These are “healthy” gummy bears with only 3g of net carbs! If you’re doing keto or a low carb diet, you need these in your life! Or if you just love gummies but don’t want all the carbs. Only 90 cals for a whole bag!

SmartSweets Gummy Bears Sour



These are the sour version of the above gummies, I am in love with both and can’t pick a favorite. I love them both equally and am so happy I discovered them! They are such a great alternative to Trolli and Haribo!


Protein Creamer



I love love love this brand. Their protein coffee is my favorite, and this is their new product! It tastes so good, and I love both flavors!

Airpod Case



Thanks so much to Kelsey Kaplan for introducing me to this genius idea. I am totally that girl who loses her airpods EVERYWHERE. This will change your life. I hook mine to the top of my bag, and always know where they are!

Hint Water



I feel like this needs no explanation, I am Hint water obsessed and my favorite flavor of the moment is peach!

Silicone Straws



I love love love these straws. I just ordered more! I put them in literally every single beverage and because they are silicone, it just makes it so much more fun. I know that sounds weird, but it definitely keeps my hydration up – and whatever works, right?

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