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Ashley’s January 2020 Amazon Favorites

Reno blogger, Ashley Zeal, from Two Peas in a Prada shares her January 2020 Amazon Favorites. She is featuring everything from coffee table books to silicone lip scrubbers.

January was truly the fastest month of my entire life! You would think it would be the slowest as we were on baby watch for most of it, but looking back, it went by in a flash! We spent most of the month in the house, so a lot of my favorites are storage and food prep related!

January 2020 Amazon Favorites

Silicone Lip Brush


Dry,  chapped lips be gone! I love to slather on some Laneige Lip Mask and scrub away. This is perfect for anyone who lives in a drier climate or just wants softer lips before their makeup routine.

Decorative Storage Bins


I got these for baby’s room – and want to order more! They are so cute and functional. These are the kinds of bins that can be visible and don’t need to be hidden inside a closet.


Freezer to Oven Safe Dishes


Doing allllll the meal prep for baby and these came in clutch. I originally ordered these for  Thanksgiving since I would be transporting food back and forth from my parents.

Fire Stick

You guys recommended this to take to the hospital – and for anyone canceling cable like Emily did, it’s amazing!


Plastic Storage Basket


We got these to make little treat packages for the nurses at the hospital – and ended up using the rest all over our house. So affordable and easy to organize! You can never have too many things like this around.


Shower Steamers


Like a bath bomb for your shower – got these for when I’m in labor. I used to get these all the time from a local boutique, but haven’t been able to find anything since then. They are like a blast of aromatherapy and just a nice little extra self care touch.  They are also awesome when you are sick.

Unf*ck Yourself Daily Calendar


This daily calendar has quickly become one of the highlights of my day. It’s full of daily affirmations, but with a tough-love approach, which I need, I am a huge fan.

Daily Stoic


I got this halfway through the year last year, and so I was really excited to be able to start at the beginning again. I read my daily passage first thing every morning when I sit down with my coffee.

Jesus Calling


Another passage I read every single day Is from this devotional. Emily bought it for me two Christmases ago – and I love it. I am not super-religious but it keeps me feeling grounded and connected to God. You can read more about it in my Morning Routine post.

Le Pens


I have been obsessed with these pens FOREVER. But since it’s January – I found myself making more to-do lists and keeping my planner more up to date than usual, which means I fell in love with these pens all over again. They are seriously the best.

Quit Like a Woman


The feedback on Emily’s post about why she stopped drinking was SO amazing. If you are also sober curious or want to read more about the movement, I definitely recommend checking out this book.

Compression Socks


Not all compression socks are created equal as I mentioned in my Favorite Pregnancy Products post. These ones are just that much better – worth every cent. I bought another pair after wearing my first for just one day.

Coffee Table Books


When I showed these on stories briefly, everyone asked me to link them — they have every designer you can think of and the covers are SO gorgeous. I am quite the collector of coffee table books, and these are, by far, some of my favorites of all time.

Foldable Storage Bag Organizers


I got these to store my “seasonal” clothes in. I love that they have a little window. I labeled them with an index card and sharpie. They stack so nicely on top of one another too. Think of them as packing cubes for your closet. I filled mine with: maternity clothes, 49er gear, swimsuits, and coverups etc. I will then switch out my sweaters and coverups when it starts to warm up here.


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