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Emily’s January Bestsellers


Emily’s January Bestsellers

Two Peas in a Prada co founder Emily Farren Wieczorek shares her favorite room spray, retinol system, and Jimmy Choo look alike boots in Emily's January Bestsellers.

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Happy February, Everyone! We really started this month with a BANG! Baby Joe on January 31st, the Super Bowl… my Joe’s birthday. It has been a wild ride. Thank you for being here for it! We appreciate you all so much! These were the top items you shopped from what I shared this past month and I couldn’t be more thankful. I hope you are all enjoying them! So here we go… Emily’s January Bestsellers!

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1.) Glycolic Peel Pads:

These pads are a daily spa-strength treatment formulated to help dissolve skin-clogging dirt, debris and sebum. they target fine lines, hyperpigmentation and imperfections (think acne) to reveal a fresher, brighter, more even complexion. The results: clearer, glowing skin in the comfort of your own home! SO many of you bought these! We love to hear how much you love them… and that is how they made Emily’s January Bestsellers.

2.) Spanx Work Pants:

The most flattering and comfortable work pants. They will suck you in and make your outfit look super polished.  Skinny ones HERE.

3.) Hooded Puffer: 

This puffer is my favorite winter jacket this year. I wear it every weekend at ski, I wear it during the week, and the bets part – it is SOOO ON SALE! The white is amazing.

4.) YSL Bag: 

I wear my nude YSL bag ALL the time, and I linked this one as the most similar one I could find. My bag is 3 years old now and I literally swear by it. YSL bags (in my opinion) are some of the best. They stand the test of time, they’re not flashy, and they are INCREIDBLY well made. I just LOVE them.

5.) Baies Room Spray:

This room spray is JUST UNREAL. The first time I smelled it was when we were visiting Jamie Obanion (the founder and CEO of beauty bio) at their headquarters. Their whole offices smelled like this and I was hooked. I was then gifted a bottle by our management company for the holidays and I will never use anything else in my home! UNREAL!

6.) Gold Bedroom Chandelier: 

This is the chandelier you see in the photo above. I got ours via Walmart, but it has since sold out. Thank you Two Peas readers! But I found it somewhere else for you!

7.) Ivory Boots: 

I really am a boot girl in the winter. I love how these look like the Jimmy Choos this season for a fraction of the cost. I really LOVE that this ivory color will take you seamlessly from winter to spring – they look amazing with dresses too!

8.) Beauty Bio R45:

As you all know this is my favorite retinol regimen. I am doing mine now since I am hoping to get pregnant this spring!

9.) Billie Razor

As you all know – we LOVE the Billie razor and we are so happy you are all loving yours too!

10.) Easy Street Tunic:

The most flattering sweater ever. I think between the two of us, we have every single color. It’s super thick, well made, perfect length etc. We really can’t say enough good things about it — size down!

11.) Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum: 

The Mandelic serum is absolutely a GAME CHANGER. Ashley introduced me  to it – and I will never go back. Mandelic acid is an AHA – Alpha Hydroxy Acid – that is less intense  than say Glycolic Acid, but the premise is the same. The acid/serum chemically exfoliates your skin and leaves you with fresher, softer, and better looking skin. Again- the key is GENTLE. I have very sensitive skin – and this product has helped me SO much!

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