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Ashley’s January Best Sellers 2020

January was definitely a different month for us since we focused so much on other things like personal development, financial freedom, and healthy habits. But we still shared some amazing products, too! We are feeling great about how we started off the year, and are so happy you are on this journey with us! Here are the best of the best products that you guys bought in January….

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Ashley’s January Best Sellers 2020

Mandelic Acid


Will there ever be a month that this isn’t on our list? We seriously doubt it. It is one of our ride or die beauty items – it clears up almost any skin issue you have and reveals bright and glowing skin underneath.


Billie Razor


We are still loving our Billie razor!! This is another item that is always on our best sellers list. Best $9 ever!


Barefoot Dreams Blanket


Now more than ever I am loving my blankets. I am in full cuddle and cozy mode and appreciate this blanket more than usual.


Moonlight Pajamas


My favorite pajamas hands down. I have multiple pairs, multiple colors, sleepshirt version, shorts version – you name it. They are so freaking soft and would make the most amazing Valentine’s day gift!




I am counting down the days until I can get my retinol on again — my skin needs it SO badly! This stuff you only need to use once or twice a year, and the results are wild!


Easy Street Tunic


We just can’t say enough good things about this sweater. I first got it last summer, and it was totally fine to wear when I lived in San Francisco. I love that you can wear it all year long, it somehow works on the perfect spring day, but also layered under a coat in the snow – because of this, their color options are amazing.


Fleece Joggers


The new Aerie spring stuff is SOOOOO good. I had to contain myself because I am on a budget, but it just felt SO good to be ordering new, non-maternity staples that I can rock after the baby comes!


Acrylic Makeup Storage


The most affordable and adorable makeup storage. I love all things acrylic and this one is so roomy. I love that the top is removable and it’s not an eyesore sitting on the top of your counter! We both have and love this.


Funnel Neck Sweater


I am OBSESSED with this sweater. I tried so hard to make it work with a bump – and it sort of did, but I can’t wait to tuck this into jeans!!!!

Glycolic Acid Peel Pads


These brand new peel pads came in and changed all of our lives this month! They became a top seller in just one day and we are all freaking obsessed. Read about why they are better than all the competitors HERE.

Valentine’s Day Lipstick 


This was featured in my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, and if you’re a sucker for packaging like me, then it’s no wonder that so many of you bought this adorable lipstick! Saint Laurent makes some of the best lipstick out there and we love the cute heart design!





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