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Ashley’s March 2020 Amazon Favorites

Reno blogger, Ashley Zeal, from Two Peas in a Prada shares her March 2020 Amazon Favorites: Quarantine edition. She is sharing everything she's using to survive isolation.

My Amazon favorites sure look a little bit different this month. Here are all the things that have been saving me during the quarantine – beauty help, working from home items & some books to keep me sane.

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Ashley’s March 2020 Amazon Favorites



I finished this book in just three days – I love how short the chapters are. Each one reads like a short story and you can pick it back up anytime. She is such a talented writer, and can’t believe I haven’t read any of her other stuff. For more book recs, check out every book I’ve read so far this year >>> HERE.


All Along You Were Blooming


You have all seen her work on Pinterest and Instagram, but having it in a book is just so much better. I find her words very calming, and so is all the artwork in the book  – exactly what we all need right now.


Makeup Palette


Whenever I do my makeup on stories, people always ask me where I got this. I use it to put my foundation and CC cream on so I don’t waste any putting on the back of my hand!


Gel Remover


This stuff is not perfect by any means, but it got the job done!


Nail Remover Kit


These are the tools I used with the gel remover! It has everything you need to get your nails 0ff – and love the little finger clips it comes with – I would have used these had acetone been available.

Kindle Oasis


This was my Amazon splurge this month. I have been doing a ton of late-night reading between pumping and feeding. I’ve been using the Kindle app on my phone, but the light was making it hard to go back to sleep, or I would get distracted and scroll Instagram, or Twitter. If I’m going to hit my reading goal of 100 books this year, it will not happen by doing that, so I bought the latest Kindle. I love that it’s gold and it’s a one-use device. The battery lasts five days, whereas my last one only lasted one at the most. It’s super lightweight, waterproof, has warm light, and conveniently placed page-turning buttons.

Reading Pillow

Turn your bed into a desk- or just use this to read comfortably in bed.

50 oz. Tumbler


I wouldn’t drink any water if it weren’t for this thing. I love how big it is – between always holding a sleeping baby, and being strapped to a pump half the day, I love how you don’t have to refill it that often – it keeps my water super cold, and I always have it nearby.

Laptop Desk


This is a game-changer when working from home!

Himalayan Salt Lamp


We have two of these now, not only is it calming and healing, but it’s dim enough to use in the middle of the night to feed or change the baby.

Better Mom Devotional


I just got this recently and am obsessed. It’s not daily, so you can do it whenever you feel like it. It has questions at the end of each reading so I like that it’s interactive. This would make the best Mother’s Day gift!

Espresso Spoons


I am drinking so much freaking coffee that I was using all my spoons – so I ordered special ones just for coffee. They are so cute!

Workout Mat


This was by far, the most requested link via DM last month!

Blow Dry Brush


If you’re missing your weekly blowouts, then you need this. You will be hooked and may never go back!



I have never used this more – with all the added stress and tension on my body from working on my couch & bed this is a savior.



With all the time we are spending at home, we might as well be comfy. We have these on all our beds!

Nespresso Pods


Have I mentioned how much coffee I’m drinking?

Foot Massager


I seemed to have developed Plantar Fascitis and my feet are killing me – especially in the morning. I guess it’s super common post-partum! I plug this in and use it while I pump – makes the time go so much faster!

Le Pens


These are my all-time favorite pens, if you’re working from home, these might make your day a little better.

Baby Foot 


With all of the extra TLC my skin is getting, might as well not leave out my feet.


Waxing Kit


My eyebrows are looking like caterpillars, and I used to wax my own all the time. How hard can it be, right?


Top Coat


I haven’t used this stuff in probably ten years, but it is the very best. It’s super fast drying!


Snuggle Me Organic


We love love love our Dock-a-tot, but we hate changing the cover. The Snuggle me is 1000000x easier to wash and put back 0n.




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