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For a brief pregnancy update: I am almost 30 weeks pregnant. Hoooooooo-rayyyyy!

For those of you who didn’t know, you’re pregnant for 40 weeks. In normal people terms, that’s 10 months. Right? 40 weeks equals 10 months, and 36 weeks equals 9 months… simple mental math. Right? Right?

Hahahaahaha – WRONG!!! We’re doing magical pregnancy math over here, and somehow, miraculously 40 weeks now equals 9 months because you forgot to carry the .33 weeks per month… blah… blah… blah…. my pregnancy brain hurts.

Any way you look at it, 9 months is absolute crap, crap, crap. As you can tell, I’m annoyed by this farce – this hideous, misleading “lie” of pregnancy. For a time that is arguably one of the most uncomfortable in a woman’s life, I just think we should get credit for the full thing.* Just saaayyiinnn—

I am really fired up about this – if you can’t tell.

Anyhow, last week we were making dinner, and The Discovery Channel was on in the background. I was chopping away, and my husband, engrossed in what was on TV goes, “Honey… I know how mad you are about being pregnant for (air quotations) 10 months, but —did you seeeeee that???—- elephants are pregnant for almost 2 years… 2 yeeeaarrsssssss…. can you belieeeeeve that?”

In my head I’m thinking, “At 29 weeks pregnant, I am going to resist the urge to smack you upside the head, AND I am going to ignore the fact you may or may not have just compared me to an elephantAN ELEPHANT!!!!! I am however, going to see the silver lining here. Somehow, somewhere, I will find it.  Thank goodness I am not going to be pregnant for two years, and now, someone please nominate me for sainthood.”

Hey thanks babe – and God bless female elephants.

Anyhow, 30 out of 40 weeks feels like a huge milestone to me. In Ashley’s language, “It’s the beginning of the fourth quarter.” 🙂 Our little dude is almost 16 inches long now, and is the size of a butternut squash. I haven’t been super into the fruit/vegetable comparisons, but my girlfriend Lauren is so sweet and sends me updates as to his current fruit/vegetable size. This week’s seemed SO CRAZY to me; butternut squashes are hugggeeee – so naturally I had to share.  

Moving on – we started our small nursery remodel last week (before and after pictures to come), and we finally decided on a name for our little bundle of joy. We’re naming him William. It’s not a family name, and it doesn’t have an extraordinarily special meaning to us. It just sounded strong, and we agreed that we loved it – that was most important.

*Full disclosure- we do not have a middle name yet, but suggestions are welcome!

It’s funny looking back, but I was convinced that we were having a girl. So when we found out we were having a sweet baby boy, it really threw both of us for a loop. Back to the name drawing board we went, and as promised here, this is how we finally arrived at William. 
We were looking for a name that:
1.) fell under the “classic” names category. I have strong feelings about names that could be considered trendy, or names that are oddly spelled. Any names that fell under those categories were automatically out.
2.) sounded strong. Interestingly enough we have had numerous people exclaim, “William, what a strong name,” so I think we definitely hit the mark with this one. 
3.) worked for a baby as well as a man. We wanted a name that would allow him to walk into a board room one day – shake hands, kick a**, and take names. 
4.) hadn’t been used yet in our circle of friends. It seems that the majority of my girlfriends have baby boys right now. We joke that we’re “building a football team”, but really, these kids are going to have the most amazing village to help raise them. We do have a handful of beautiful baby girls in the mix, but most of the little ones in our social circle are boys, so we definitely didn’t want to have a repeat.
5.) went well with our last name – it is kind of a doozy. We decided we liked names that had similar consonant sounds to the letters in our last name – “W” names, sss names, and names starting with a hard C or K.
6.) didn’t  have any personally negative connotations for either of us. 
7.) couldn’t be shortened. This criteria went out the window when we decided on William. To my chagrin, when we tell people his name, inevitably everyone exclaims, “BILLY BOY!!!” or “BIG WILL!!!” or the one that truly makes my skin crawl, “Little LIAM!!!”. Uggghh.  *** Sassy side-note: nicknames are lovely, but our child’s name is William, and that is what we’d like him to be called. If he chooses to go with a nickname later in life, so be it, but we’ll let that be his choice. 
8.) sounded cohesive with our names – Joseph, Emily, Henry, William and {the name of our future baby girl}.  
So there you have it. William. We love it, we are soooo excited, and it has been awesome being able to talk to him like he’s a real person.

As I said last week, here, I’ve decided to open up a little more about my pregnancy. That being said, if you liked this post, future pregnancy posts will include: pregnancy products I love, how to dress for pregnancy, and my personal favorite – things not to say to pregnant women. 🙂 We’ll save those for another day loves! XooX

*Even if you count it the “correct way”, carrying the .33weeks per month, you’re still pregnant for approximately 9.5 months. FYI see here and here for more horrible and confusing explanations. 

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