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What I’m Packing in my C-Section Hospital Bag

After everything that happened when I had Baby Joe, I knew that I probably wanted to schedule a C-Section this time around, and luckily, my doctor agreed before I even said anything so we got it on the books!  I found out that so many women apologized to me when I said I had a c-section and I found that very odd.  I also found that there wasn’t a ton of resources on packing a hospital bag for the occasion. We’ve done “what I’m packing in my hospital bag” posts on here before – five to be exact, but I wanted to offer a “what I’m packing in my C-section hospital bag” twist on an old classic. I didn’t use anything I packed in my bag for the birth of Toots since most of it was for a vaginal birth. However, I know what to expect going into a C-section and, since I won’t be moving around much, I’m keeping what I bring to the bare minimum! I feel much different and more confident going into this one since I know what to expect, exactly what day it will be happening (if all goes according to plan), so here’s what I’m bringing along for the ride.


What I’m Packing in my C-Section Hospital Bag

Postpartum Underwear


Vaginal or C-section, these are most definitely a necessity. These ones by Always aren’t hideous, which helps a bit! I don’t remember any post-partum bleeding but I do remember having to wear these for about a week, so it must have happened. Birth is so funny in the sense that you block out so much of it. 


Nursing Pillow



We really struggled with breastfeeding last time, but we’re going to try again! This is definitely a must, especially since I won’t be able to move around very much in those first days. 




The hospital pillows exist so the hospital can say “We have pillows. They aren’t good pillows, but they’re pillows.” BRING YOUR OWN and make it this one! So cozy and comfortable. A good pillow before, during, and after giving birth makes all the difference



Pillows and blankets are in the same boat at the hospital. They exist, but not for your comfort! 100% bring your own blanket so you’re as cozy as possible. Obviously, I recommend the In the Wild Barefoot Dreams blanket—it’s the best. It made me feel right at home. 


Long Charger 


Be sure you’re powered up and can text and scroll while you charge in bed—it’s a game-changer mentally. I listened to a lot of podcasts last time, and took ALL the photos. 


Skincare Routine


There are a lot of unknowns when giving birth, but one thing you can control is sticking to your skincare routine. I’m packing my full Colleen Rothschild skincare kit in my C-section hospital bag so I have a sense of normalcy and maintain my skin in the midst of stress!



Dry Shampoo


If you thought the original Living Proof dry shampoo was good, you’re not ready for their advanced version. It is truly phenomenal. I can go a full week with dirty hair and no one would know because of how effective this stuff is! Showers are rare in the hospital, so this is definitely coming with me.




Bringing my UGG Scuffette slippers is a non-negotiable. These will be on my feet as I try to shuffle down the hallways! Walking is the best way to start recovery!





If you haven’t picked up on it yet, the theme for any hospital bag is COMFORT. I sleep in this nightshirt from Nordstrom most nights, so wearing it at the hospital will feel like home.



Water Jug 


You can never be too hydrated when giving birth. It’s a lot of work, so having a massive water jug like this 50oz one from Amazon is necessary!



Grip Socks


For the rare moments I’m not in my slippers, grip socks are required. These were so clutch going back and forth to the bathroom. 



Hair Ties


I misplace hair ties constantly, so I’m bringing a full pack of these amazing Gimme thick hair ties to the hospital so I’m never without!


Lip Balm


I feel like everything is dry after any kind of surgery or hospital stay.  Definitely packing this Laneige lip treatment balm and keeping it by my bedside, just like I do at home.




This SKIMS robe is made of butter and feels like velvet on the skin. I can see myself layering it with my nightgown for extra comfort, so it’s being packed!


Nursing Bra


Another must. Em loved this Spanx maternity bra, Bra-Llelujah! One-hand clips, removable pads, and four-way stretch make this a superior nursing bra. Can’t wait to try it! 




ALL of the snacks. Chomps sticks for protein, Chewy granola bars, and fruit snacks to name a few!




This Medela Freestyle Flex Portable Double Electric Breast Pump from Target is the best. It’s an all-in-one solution for an on-the-go active lifestyle. It fits so easily into your pocket, purse, or baby bag and weighs less than 1 pound! This is a just-in-case item – but because of our struggles last time, I feel like I may want to start pumping early. 



Going Home Outfit


The comfiest, most supportive maternity leggings + the comfiest, longest, coziest, long sleeve top = the perfect “going home” outfit. I’m already looking forward to wearing this!



What I’m Packing for Baby

Barefoot Dreams Outfit 


I got this in a dusty rose color, but I can’t find it anywhere now! This is the exact same thing Baby Joe wore in the hospital & it comes in the cutest little carrying case that you write their name, height and weight on! Such a special memento 

Barefoot Dreams Blanket


There’s no such thing as too many lush, soft things to wrap your baby in, and Barefoot Dreams makes their wildly popular blanket in a baby blanket size! Baby Girl is definitely getting her own.


Plain Onesies


This 8-pack of plain onesies will be a life saver, I already know it. You can truly never have too many plain, easily washable onesies with a newborn. Poop happens, ya know?


Magnetic Me PJs


Why can’t every onesie be made with magnetic closures? It makes changing so much easier. Packing this adorable Mama elephant and Baby elephant onesie!


No Scratch Mittens


Those newborn nails don’t know the power they hold. You want to cover them up immediately, so I’m bringing this 9-pack so we’re over prepared!


Name Sign


I want to make her first moments on Earth so special and scream her name from the mountaintops! I can’t really do exactly that, but this acrylic newborn sign is the next best option. It’s something I’ll save forever!



Colostrum Collector


Colostrum is liquid gold, so I’ll be sure to have this 6-piece set of colostrum collectors packed and ready.



Mam Pacifier


The paci attachment is real, and I love these sweet newborn ones from Amazon. The little tiger and baby bird are too cute!


Reno blogger, Ashley Zeal Hurd, from The Ashley and Emily blog shares what she's packing in her c-section hospital bag. Reno blogger, Ashley Zeal Hurd, from The Ashley and Emily blog shares what she's packing in her c-section hospital bag. Reno blogger, Ashley Zeal Hurd, from The Ashley and Emily blog shares what she's packing in her c-section hospital bag. Reno blogger, Ashley Zeal Hurd, from The Ashley and Emily blog shares what she's packing in her c-section hospital bag. Reno blogger, Ashley Zeal Hurd, from The Ashley and Emily blog shares what she's packing in her c-section hospital bag.

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