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The Fairest Skirt Of All


The Fairest Skirt Of All


You all know how much I love feminine details. And when they look this good – for just $50 – I meann, come on…. 

I got this skirt for no apparent reason, I just fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I love pieces that I know other people might shy away from – and this was one of those pieces – it was just SO different.  The silk flower detailing was what initially caught my eye, I just hoped it would be as beautiful in person as it was online. I am happy to report that it FAR exceeded my expectations.

Every time I wear this skirt people literally stop me in my tracks. I first wore it to a charity fundraiser and I got stopped three times on the way to the restroom by women asking “Where on earth did you get that amazing skirt?” And then the look on their faces when I told them the price tag. 🙂 One woman even  had me write the website down on her cocktail napkin.

Fast forward to Mother’s Day. I was rushing, I had a blog post to get up, I had to get William’s diaper bag ready, and I hadn’t given a second thought to what I was actually wearing. I ran into my closet, towel still on my head, and I saw the little flowers of the skirt peeking out from behind a black dress. I hate to wear the exact same outfit twice, but heck, it was easy, it was comfortable, and I could easily chase William around in it. So… on it went. We headed to one of our favorite restaurants for brunch, and the second I got out of the car, women were dying to know about my skirt. First the hostess, then the woman at the table next to us, and then the woman standing next to me in the omelette line. I handed out more blog business cards at Mother’s Day brunch, wearing this skirt, than I ever had before. Then, on my way back to our table, an older woman grabbed my elbow as I walked by her table, and said to me, “You’re by far the best dressed woman here – I have to know where you got that skirt.” I got back to the table and my husband asked what had happened, because my face was all flushed – “Nothing, people are just OBSESSED with this skirt.”

I can’t say I blame them. This is one of  those pieces that looks MUCH more expensive than it actually is. The floral detailing is stunning and it gives you a couture look for just $50. I can’t wait to wear it this summer with a white button down and gold sandals, and I know I’ll be wearing it for many years to come!

I hope you love it just as much as I do – it’s available in all sizes. Happy shopping loves! XooX







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