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Emily’s 2019 Amazon Gift Guide


Emily’s 2019 Amazon Gift Guide

Alright, everyone. It is officially December 17th – which means Christmas a week away. How did we get here so fast? I truly have NO idea. That being said, I know that not all of you are done with your Christmas shopping. I know I still have some last minute additions for mine! As you all know, I am an Amazon addict. And at this time of year… there is nothing better than a good old Amazon Holiday Gift Roundup!  IMO Amazon is one of the easiest ways to do last minute holiday shopping! SO here is my 2019 Amazon Gift Guide.

I just ordered a ton of these items last night, and they are all getting to me by the 20th! So happy shopping and I hope there is something for everyone on your list on here!


Laptop Stand: I think this is such a cool gift for anyone who works from home or uses their computer from bed. It not only helps your posture, but it keep radiation off your legs

Back Massager:  We have been raving about this back massager for over a year – and  let me tell you – if you’re not one of the thousands of people who have bought it… jump ON THE TRAIN! It has almost 9,000 amazing reviews! Just a word to the wise… you absolutely can overdo it. I leaned into it so hard the first time I used it, and I was SO sore. We both use ours nightly. It really helps work out any back or neck tension you may have!

Opal Ice Machine: This is the ice machine that Ashley and I both bought on prime day. It is so amazing. The ice makes every beverage THAT much better!

Siracha Key Chain: The perfect gift or stocking stuffer for the hot sauce enthusiast in your life. Joe is getting this for sure!

Heated Blanket: My mom got me one of these last year for the holidays and it was the best gift ever!

Cheese Balls:I am OBSESSED with cheese balls. I always have been… always will be. Really – I think everyone is secretly! What a great gag gift! Am I right?


$11 Beanie: This beanie is another one of my favorite Amazon steals. I put it on stories last week – and you all loved it too, so here it is! The quality is fantastic, the knit is SO soft (not itchy at all), and it even comes with interchangeable poms. Mine came with a fur pom and a yarn pom, TOTAL SCORE.  It would make an amazing stocking stuffer or holiday gift for anyone on your list!


Air Fryer: Truly this was my best purchase of 2019. We use it every day and all the parents in my family got one for the holidays!

High Frequency Machine: This is a super cool gift idea for the beauty buff in your life. It helps eliminate blemishes and dry out any problem areas!

Heel Scraper: Trust me when I tell you – your heels need this regularly. It gently files off all that dull dead skin and leaves your feet/heels feeling silky smooth every day!

Microfiber Washcloths: These washcoths have are one of my holy grail secrets to great skin. And wouldn’t you know… they make an amazing stocking stuffer. I use them damp – and they literally help pull the makeup off my face. They are SO amazing and at under $20 for 10 of them – they are such a deal!

Bath Bomb Set: Who doesn’t love bath bombs??? With this amazing DIY set you can make your own! Gift the whole set – or gift it to yourself and give away your handcrafted creations. How cool is that?!? it is totally up to you!

The Big Book of Chic: I LOVE this book. It is great for your friend who is into fashion, your MIL that is impossible to buy for, or even for your boss! Coffee table books in general are such great gifts… just think about what the person you are shopping for loves most, and Amazon away!

Daily Devotional:  This is the devotional I read every single day. Everyone on stories asks me about it! It helps keep me centered, I focus more on the things I should be, and I love that it keeps me in the word – even on days when I don’t get to sit down with my bible. Such an amazing Amazon find, and that is why it is on my 2018 Amazon Gift Guide.

Frasier Fir Candle: These candles smell exactly like fresh cut Christmas Trees!

Phone Soap: Phones are dirty, dirty items. In fact – they are proven to be 18x dirtier than toilets. Woof. Keep yours clean with the Phone Soap Sanitizer! The phone soap is a little box that uses UV light to rid your phone of 99.9% of the germs it collects throughout the day. Just place your phone inside for 10 minutes (you can even charge while it sanitizes) and boom – clean phone! They also have different sizes. You can buy the XL version and sanitize your kids’ pacifiers, stuffed animals, everything! The XL version even fits your laptop!

Makeup Brush Cleaner: I just bought this, and it is so amazing! It cleans – and dries – your brushes in 30 seconds flat! The worst part of cleaning your makeup brushes is that it takes days for mine to dry completely, and this fixes that problem!

Makeup Brushes: The full set is just $12 – sayy whatt??? I just bought them and love them!

Makeup Organizer: This is such a thoughtful gift. We can all use a little more organization in our lives!!!

Carnivore Club: A monthly subscription to the most amazing salami/charcuterie assortments ever! Such a great last minute gift idea for the men in your life. You can just print out a photo and explain it!

Contigo Coffee Cup: I have 10 of these. Not a joke. I bring them everywhere with me. They are my favorite on the go coffee cup because they come complete with a lock so you never have to worry about spills. Such a good co-worker gift. Pair this with some coffee and some chocolate – and SUCH a thoughtful gift!

52 Lists: This is an amazing journaling book that promotes mindfulness, positivity, happiness, and is perfect for anyone on your list!

Cookie Cutters: I think it would be so cute to gift these with a pre-made ball of my homemade cookie dough and some holiday decorations. SO perfect for your girlfriends with kids! It’s a fun family activity around the holidays, and this way, you’ve done the hardest part for them!

Blanket: NO ONE can EVER have too many cozy blankets and the reviews on this one are amazing!

Dish Towels: I swear by these.  $13 towels for $14. Nuts… I know! I’d pair these with a Meyer’s Dish Soap set and some lovely lavender lotion.

Ginger Jar: I would gift this jar with a beautiful arrangement of red or white flowers in it. Such a stunning gift that whoever you give it to will be able to use again and again – this is why it made my 2018 Amazon Gift Guide!

Jewelry Cleaner: I love this gadget. I use mine every week and it makes my wedding ring look so much better!

Photo Printer: I feel like I never print photos anymore, even though I love them! This fixes that problem, and is a great gift for anyone on your list.

Purse Organizer: Every lady on my list would LOVE this!

Shower Wine Holder: Every mom on my list is getting THIS! 🙂

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