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Emily’s Amazon Favorites For Kids

Reno Nevada Blogger, Emily Farren Wieczorek shares all her Amazon Favorites For Kids - the best vitamins, a KidCraft picnic table, even a baby bible!

This is part two of my Amazon Favorites post! In this post I’m sharing the melatonin gummies that have helped William sleep at night, the water slide our kids loved this summer, the baby bible we read to our kids at night… and SO much more!

Zarbees Melatonin Gummies:

William loves these. He takes one every night before bed and I think they have been helping him sleep much more soundly.

*** From the website – Zarbee’s Naturals Children’s Sleep with Melatonin Supplement helps support safe, natural, restful sleep, & is non-habit forming & won’t cause next day grogginess. With 1 mg of melatonin, Kid’s Sleep with Melatonin is recommended by pediatricians. Made with no high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, or artificial sweeteners.

Zarbees Vitamins:

I remember taking Flinstones vitamins as a kid! Well – Kids vitamins have come a LONG way. David gets one of these every day and William gets two. I tried them, and they’re actually delicious!

Busy Board:

These boards are Montessori inspired and amazing for car rides, the airplane, even for the doctor’s office. They help develop problem solving skills – and they keep our kids busy for hours.

Kids HydroFlask:

We love hydroflasks in our family. This is the same as the one that I have – just mini sized. They come with a plastic covering on the bottom to protect the bottle from getting banged up. My boys LOVE how cold it keeps their water.

HydroPark Water Slide: 

This was one of the best things we bought ALL summer! We put it up every weekend and it provided HOURS of fun for both my boys. As for age appropriateness – David was 1.5 and William was 3 and they both had a blast on it!

Healthy Times Baby Cereal and Cookies: 

We are in the process of transitioning Caroline over to solids and this Baby Food brand is amazing! It has ALL the good things – none of the bad stuff!

Ball Pit and Balls:

This is one of the best things we ever bought. We got this for William as a Christmas gift when he was one and it truly is the gift that never stops giving. Every time we have friends over – without fail – the ballpit comes out.

Baby Bible: 

William loves this beginner’s bible and this set is great as well! I have a really hard time explaining God and the bible to my kids – so a little assistance definitely helps.

Dart Game:

I discovered these foam darts when I was building party favor bags for William’s birthday last year. They come in a HUGE pack (I think 15 in each) and they provide endless hours of fun for just $7. My kids love chasing each other and us around the house with them.

Wiki STIX:

Wiki STIX are wax sticks that your kids can form into different shapes and my kids love when I bring them to restaurants, on the airplane or in the car! Also – check out the WIKI STIX Alphabet to help with reading >>> here.

Kiddo Loafers:

These are the perfect shoes for boys on the run! I feel like my kids outgrow their shoes every other day, so at just $11 – they are easy on the wallet too!


When I was a kid – I had a “bear bear”.  There was only one “bear bear” and I lost him everywhere we went. This meant a ton of running back onto airplanes, running back into restaurants, and general chaos for my family whenever I would leave him somewhere. With that in mind, we chose lovies for our kids that we could order time and time again. That being said, when William was born, my mom bought 25 of these lambs and basically it was the only stuffed animal we ever gave him. He now is obsessed with his “nanas” << that is what he decided to call them… and we are never  without one.

Gas Drops:

This is one of the top products I recommend to new moms. See >>> here. We order them all the time, and we have given them to all our kids.

Water Wipes:

These are the only wipes we use on our kids. See >>> here. They are just water and fruit extract – no harsh chemicals at all. I keep a pack in every purse, every car, and every diaper bag.

Play Doh Set:

I loved Play Doh as a kid, and now my kids love it too! This set comes with ALL the colors, and I love that it gives them a creative outlet.


William and David LOVE arts and crafts. To avoid our walls becoming their canvas – we picked up this amazing easel, a bunch of chalk and crayons, and we just let them go to town 🙂

Outdoor Picnic Table:

This picnic table set is AMAZING!  Unlike the plastic ones, this one matches our backyard, and it makes them feel like they are at a real table.

Girl Bows:

I love that these bows are inexpensive and come in a TON of colors.

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