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Emily’s Amazon Favorites For May 2019

Fashion blogger, Emily Farren Wieczorek shares her Amazon Favorites For May 2019 - bows for little girls, games for kids with families, and her favorite self tanner!

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Alright everyone!!! It is that time of the month! Our AMAZON FAVORITES!!! YESSS!!!

If you have every wondered what bows Caroline wears in her hair, what self tanner I use on the daily (it is what I used to get my glowy bronze in the photo above), or how I make my hair look piecey a la Kristin Cavallari…you will absolutely LOVE this post!

Shop Emily’s Amazon Favorites For May 2019:

Emily’s Amazon Favorites For May 2019:


I have posted this product on our feed many times before and I am absolutely obsessed with it! Not only does it keep my postpartum hair loss baby hairs at bay, it also gives the end of my hair a nice piecey look. My husband discovered it by complete mistake when we were in Omaha for a wedding, and I am oh so thankful! I was having static issues one morning, decided to try it, and boom – I was hooked immediately!

Water Pick:

I hate flossing – so I decided I would try out a Waterpik and I am absolutely obsessed with it! This one is over 30% off right now, so it is the perfect time to make the switch. It makes your teeth look whiter, your mouth feel cleaner, and all around it just takes your oral hygiene to the next level!

Flower Earrings:

These earrings are SO similar to other $300 plus earrings that are out there right now – at a fraction of the cost! When I wore them on stories you all went SO crazy for them I could absolutely not believe it! They really are THAT cute though!

Boxwood Set: 

This is the boxwood set I used to make the Boxwood Photo Wall for my sister’s Bridal Shower! If you need the DIY post – it covers everything on how to do it, how much it costs, how we affixed it to the wall… etc… you can head to this post here!

Caroline’s Bows:

These bows have been quite the hot topic on instagram. Everyone wants to know where I get them because they are just SO cute on little girls that might not have so much hair yet! What I really love about them is that they are so inexpensive – you don’t feel bad if you lose one or if one gets dirty!

Glass Tupperware:

When I posted about HOW BAD the mold on my strawberries always was – you all told me that I had to get glass tupperware, and I HAD to get these! So I did. I also started washing my berries in a vinegar bath every time I get them, and I also started chopping them up right when I get them as well. All I can say is, the combo works!

Tanning Mousse:

This tanning mousse is seriously the best self tanner in the whole wide world. I apply it with the St. Tropez mitt, and for $35 less than a normal tan- you can look like you just went on a tropical beach vacation!

Imagination Magnets: 

This is one of our favorite activities to do with the kids lately! My dad got this amazing set for our kids for Christmas and they have been obsessed with it ever since. It teaches colors, shapes, and we love it because we can all do it together! It works best if you all decide on a design and then you ask your kids, “Ok.. now we need the purple square, now we need the yellow circle….” It makes the whole experience super interactive and fun! I really love this game for travel because it comes in this amazing and sturdy wooden box that makes transporting it easy and playing with it on a plane as simple as can be.

Sequence Game: 

Ok. If you have kids – or if you know anyone with kids…. This game is THE BEST! My husband brought this one home last month, and I have been gifting it to everyone we know.

Turkish Towels:

These towels come in a set of 4 different colors and they are so cute for picnics and the beach! I absolutely love them!

Tanning Mitt:

This is an amazing tanning mitt set. It comes with a microfiber mitt, a face applicator mitt and an exfoliating glove all in one! If you are just looking for an amazing mitt… I recommend this one!

Back Tanner: 

I have had so many people ask how I apply my sunless tanning mousse to my back evenly and this is the answer! It works so well and is SO incredibly easy!


These joggers are just SOOO cozy and at under $20 they are such a steal as well!

Ruffle Dress:

This ruffle dress made our bestsellers last month after I featured it in a try on, and it is easy to see why! I am so obsessed with it! It comes in SO many colors too!!!

Solid Sweatshirts:

These sweatshirts are so inexpensive – under $15 for most of the color variations! These are the sweatshirts Ashley and I used to live in during high school, and we are totally bringing them back!!!


This is without a doubt my favorite licorice – and I just pull out a string every time I get the urge for something sweet!

Native Shoes:

Our kids live in these shoes all summer and they are just SO amazing! They let their feet breathe and are just so comfy. I also love that they can wear them as water shoes, and if you really need to wash them, you can just throw them in the wash!

Salad Dressing Shaker: 

I love making fresh, homemade, salad dressings during the summer and this allows me to do that and then save whatever is leftover for the rest of the week! It comes with an easy pour spout, and it just makes it SO SO SO easy!

Teeth Whitening Pen:

This teeth whitening pen is SO amazing! I always swipe it over my teeth before we are about to shoot or go out on date night. It totally gives my teeth an amazing white sheen and it removes the “superficial” stains!

Amazon Cami Dress: 

This cami dress is SUCH a steal! It is under $25 and it comes in 12 different colors. It runs TTS – I wear the size small and it is perfect!

Silicone Loofa: 

My dermatologist chastised me for using regular loofas as they are totally unsanitary… but these silicone loofas allow for an amazing lather and perfect gentle exfoliation!

Scalloped Sandals: 

After I posted these scalloped sandals last month – you all went crazy for them – and so did the blogger community! I started seeing them popping up EVERYWHERE! 🙂

Free People Dupe Dress: 

Free people came out with a dress just like this last year. It was well over $100, but this one – at $35 is just as good! If anything I would size up!

Smocked Bloomer Set: 

This is the bloomer set that Caroline wore to her first birthday and it is SOOOO cute – and such a steal! You will love it! Such a great summer gift for anyone with a little girl!

Striped Shorts: 

I love these striped shorts and they are OH SO affordable! They run TTS and I love that you can dress them up with heels or dress them down with sandals! They are THE perfect summer shorts and they come in 4 colorways!

Palm Earrings: 

These palm earrings are one of my favorite inexpensive earring sets right now!


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