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Emily’s Best Of Amazon 2020


Emily’s Best Of Amazon 2020

You all LOVE our monthly Amazon roundups, and these were all Emily’s topsellers from 2020! 

Harney & Sons Tea Cinnamon and Hot Spice: 

I love a cup of this hot spice tea at any time of day. It is absolutely delicious and it tastes like the holidays! Warm and comforting. Also – I love this tea company – and I love the vintage look of the tea tins that they come in! This one is not caffeine-free, so when I need caffeine free, I default to the one above!

Celine Dupe Sunnies: 

I have two of the real Celine sunglasses, but I’ve broken both of them and need to bring them to an eyeglass repair place. In the interim – these are amazing!

Tums Chews: 

My heartburn has been all sorts of out of control and these tums chews were recommended by SO many of you. I love them!

Fabric Shaver:

This battery-powered fabric shaver safely removes pills and unwanted broken and matted fibers from your favorite clothes, catching them in the detachable lint catcher for disposal.


This knit hat beanie is amazing and I love that it is perfect for men or women. It has the perfect slouchy style! There are over 30 varieties colors to choose from. I have the black, grey and the rust color. 

Duck Boot Socks: 

I got blisters the first time I wore my combat boots, so I needed some cute slouchy socks to wear with them, and these were the perfect fit!

Charging Dock:

This thing is amazing. I know I influenced my own partner in crime with it, and now I want to tell you guys how great it is. It has nine AC outlets (9!), and four USB ports (4!), so this is literally a power tower. It’s available in a few colors and was such a great purchase back in August.

Purple Shampoo: 

My fellow blondes know how near and dear to our hearts purple shampoo is. I ordered this one by Bold Uniq and am loving it so far. It has 4.5 stars out of over 15,000 reviews, so I felt there was no way I could go wrong. I highly recommend it if your locks are in need of some revitalization!

Amazon Bikini:

Amazon’s swimsuit options can’t be matched. So many shapes, cuts, and colors to choose from and they’re all so inexpensive. This one I bought has almost 5 stars out of over 1,000 reviews! 

Truff Sauce:

White truffle hot sauce? Those four words say more than I ever could about this incredible condiment. Don’t think twice—just add it to cart ASAP!

Better Oats:

My favorite quick oats out there and so convenient (and filling) to cook up for breakfast!

Sit Up Pillow: 

This sit up pillow is such a game changer for watching TV in bed or working from home. It seriously eliminates all my back pain and it makes sitting in bed SO much more comfortable. Be sure to get the XL – it is the best!

Hobnail Glasses: 

I have a vase that looks SO similar to these and I absolutely love it. I use it all the time for summer centerpieces, so I wanted glasses and a pitcher that would go with it. Thankfully, AMAZON FTW!!!

Foot File:

This foot file is our number one bestselling item of the year  by number of units sold.  Wouldn’t you know, the way I discovered it was that I bought it for Joe. Trust me when I tell you – if you’re not using one of these – you have disgusting heels and you just don’t know it. This foot file gently removes all that dull dead skin and leaves your feet/heels feeling silky smooth every day! It is a miracle product.

Microfiber Washcloths:

I use these washcloths every single night and I am so happy to say that hundreds of you have made the switch! These washcloths = Better cleansing. If you have blemish prone skin, these are for you. They help get all that makeup and grime off of the skin. How they work: Use a damp washcloth at night with your favorite cleanser to remove makeup and daily grime. They come in a pack of 12 so I use a new one every night and then wash them in the washing machine on the weekends.

Dog Bed: 

This dog bed was one of THE best Amazon purchases I made this month. The bed is specifically formulated to be anti-anxiety for any dog and it comes in a TON of different sizes. I personally like the tan color best. We have both. The extra large is the perfect size for Charlie to grow into!

Acrylic Dividers:

These acrylic dividers can be used for everything! I use mine for purses and sweaters, but it really runs the gamut. Heck you could even use them in your pantry!

ChooMe Pouch Top:

These pouch tops are THE best things ever! They stop your kids from squeezing their pouches and spilling all over themselves. They are TRULY amazing!

Gold Squeegee:

My husband is a squeegeeing fanatic. I just hate the way they usually look in our showers. Until now! This gold squeegee looks AMAZING!

Hand Massager: 

This hand massager has helped me SO much. Because I am always on my phone and typing away on my computer this helps release any hand and finger tension I am having at the end of the day! It is under $10 and SOO amazing! My sister (who is a cardio thoracic PA)  texted me immediately and said she got it for after lengthy heart surgeries!

Salad Dressing Shaker: 

I LOVE making homemade salad dressings SO much. This makes it so much easier and I love being able to save my dressings for weeks in the fridge this way.

Sillicone Loofah: 

As you all know, we are OBSESSED with these! I went to my dermatologist last March – and that is how I discovered these.  I was having some skin issues and literally the first thing out of her mouth was “You have to get rid of any fabric loofahs you have in the shower.” She basically said that fabric loofahs are breeding grounds for bacteria. They are absolutely disgusting. That day, last year, I went home and immediately threw out all my fabric loofahs. I knew I needed something to replace them, so I found these and made the switch. These silicone loofahs are absolutely amazing, AND you can place upside down to let them dry completely! Ashley made the switch and is obsessed as well!

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