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Emily’s June Best Sellers


Emily’s June Best Sellers

Reno, Nevada Blogger, Emily Farren Wieczorek talks all about her bestselling items for the month of June in - Emily's June Best Sellers

THE PEOPLE HAVE spoken… and these my top sellers for the month of June!!! I always love writing these posts, because it is a great way for me to see where I’m driving value for you and what you are loving most! This month, we have everything from $8 silicone loofahs – to my favorite designer flip flops – to the wrap dress you all went crazy for! 

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Silicone Loofah:

I talked about this on stories – but in case you missed it – I went to my dermatologist about some skin issues a couple months ago.  I was having some skin issues and literally the first thing out of her mouth was to get rid of any fabric loofahs I may have had in our shower. I am a shower and loofah addict. I don’t feel like my skin gets clean unless there is some kind of scrubbing going on, so this was a little hard for me to swallow. She basically said that loofahs are breeding grounds for bacteria and that they are absolutely disgusting. So, that day I went home and immediately threw out all my fabric loofahs. I knew I needed something to replace them, so I found these and made the switch. These silicone loofahs are absolutely amazing, AND you can place upside down to let them dry completely! Ashley made the switch and is absolutely obsessed as well! 

Tatcha 4 Piece Set:

This set was SUCH a great deal. It is easy to see why it sold SO well. That being said… it is still an amazing deal now too. Nearly $500 worth of product for just $175. You seriously cannot go wrong! You get the Tatcha Essence, the eye cream, the neck cream, and their fantastic cleansing oil! We also let you know on stories that one of our favorite BRAVO-lebrities is OBSESSED with this line. You all know who Miss Patricia is from Southern Charm? Well she is Tatcha obsessed and if we all could age like Patricia…why wouldn’t we? 

Rockstud Jelly Thong:

I wrote about these flip flops in this post >>> here and I totally understand why you all went crazy for them!  They are SO amazing! Comfortable, practical and cute all wrapped into one! 

Embroidered Wrap Dress – Endless Rose:

I wore this wrap dress on my sister’s bachelorette party and I am so happy I did. It felt great on, it was so fun, and the color was stunning. This dress is just so cute at such a great price point….. I mean… why not!?! Ashley and I have actually become great friends with the brand director – and we can’t say enough good things about this brand! LOVE THEM! 

Tiffany Knot Dress:

This dress is absolutely amazing and I am obsessed with the fact that you can wear it two different ways. You can wear it with the tassels tucked in for a more “date night” outfit – and then you can wear them out for a more “buttoned up” look. See here, here and here.

Radiant Cleansing Balm:

We love this face wash! It is calming, hydrating and SO nourishing to your skin! It doesn’t strip the skin of the oils you need, just the dirt and the grime! We wrote about it >>> here and here … and SO many of you have bought it since! 

Coin Necklace:

JUSTICE for the coin necklace! Thank you guys for bringing it back and for making it one of our top sellers this month! This necklace has been such a Two Peas signature and we absolutely love it! Ashley and I always joke that we don’t want to know what the coin necklace is made of, because it doesn’t tarnish, it never breaks, and for $18 it’s seriously so indestructible. We have talked about it here, here and here

Gibson Ruffle Wrap Top: 

Obviously we are obsessed with this wrap top – and you are too! It hit our bestsellers list after just 2 days! Thank you so much for shopping our collaboration with Gibson, and if you haven’t shopped it yet… now is the perfect time!  


Thank goodness we have so many followers who are concerned with their oral hygiene. 🙂 This “water flosser” isn’t meant to replace good old fashioned flossing… but it is a great alternative if you’re not super into it! It just feels so so so good! 

Name Necklace:

This name necklace is SOOO amazing and Ashley and I both love ours! 

Intense Hydrating Mask:

This mask is our holy grail hydrating mask! We love it SO SO SO much! We wear it to bed, on the plane, even when I drive to the grocery store! It goes on clear and is a super hydrating treatment that you give your skin in the comfort of your home! 

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